Godspeed, APJ

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It seems so recent that we were rejoicing in the return of a beloved blog and fragrance lovers’ community, Australian Perfume Junkies, after the site was hacked. Now, sadly, its founder Portia has decided to end the blog at the end of this month. It has clearly taken a LOT of time to manage, although along the way Portia has shared many fun outings that readers vicariously enjoyed, and even a wedding to longtime partner Jin. I especially loved the Saturday Questions, and everyone’s updates on “thunking”, and earning “enabler pins”!

APJ was one of the first online perfumista communities I found when I went down this rabbit hole; thanks to Portia and friends, it was always a  kind and welcoming one. I will miss APJ, but I hope to keep seeing some of its regulars online, here and on other blogs I enjoy like Now Smell This, Bois de Jasmin, and Undina’s Looking Glass (I read and enjoy several others too, but these are the ones where I’ve found the most conversations with repeat commenters).

Thank you, Portia, for hosting those conversations and sharing your encounters in life and fragrance. Thanks for pleasant memories. I wish you and Jin the very best, and good health and happiness! I hope you might occasionally post an update on your doings and still drop by other blogs once in a while. Stop by here any time! Au revoir.

10 thoughts on “Godspeed, APJ

  1. We’re going to miss Portia and the regular contributors for sure. And though I read several blogs I don’t comment regularly on them. APJ is my ‘home’ blog where I hang out every day – I’ll have to move house😉 Hopefully we’ll see each other popping up here and there across the blogosphere.

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  2. I will miss APJ blog, commenters, and Portia as well. I look forward to your continued posts OH, as well as Undina’s blog with possible hosting of Saturday’s Question.
    What I like most about your blog posts OH, are your thoughtful and in-depth reviews of fragrances, both new and vintage. I appreciate the time that you put into Serenity Now.

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    • Thank you, that is so kind! I started the blog while I was recovering from a broken shoulder and stuck in a motorized recliner or on a couch for most of one summer, which coincided with a very difficult period of transition at work; it took my mind off those challenges and reminded me to appreciate more. And then it put me in touch with a whole world of interesting people!


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