What Went Well This Week

This is my first post in a new feature here on “Serenity Now”: What Went Well Wednesdays. It is based on a positive psychology exercise also known as “Three Blessings.” You’re supposed to set aside a short time every night and write down three things that went well that day. They can be major or minor. Then you write down why they went well. One example goes something like this: “My husband brought me ice cream after work. Because (he loves me and he remembered how much I enjoy ice cream; or, I remembered to call him and ask him to stop at the store).” Ideally, one does it nightly. I may try that, but in this blog, it will appear once a week. So here goes!

What went well this week:

1. My family took turns making wonderful meals for everyone. Because I can’t cook right now and they are enthusiastic about learning to cook (and proud of their results!).

2. Our air-conditioning system was easily repaired after a weekend breakdown and the repair was minor and inexpensive. Because the repairman was competent, honest and professional.

3. A dear friend came by for a drop-in visit. Because she had been out of town and knew I had missed her company.

There! I feel great. I hope you’ll try this exercise!


Photo: Blue Apron.

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