Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I need more serenity and mindfulness in my life and I think others do too. I am blessed in many ways but I am also pulled in many directions: family, home, work, creative urges. I am introverted and find it easiest to communicate in writing, which gives me time to choose my words precisely and express exactly what I want to say, so blogging appeals to that side of me. I am also intensely curious and interested in the world around me, including other people. I love new ideas and new information, so I enjoy reading what others write.

I am a lover of beauty, a happily married introvert, an empath and INTJ. I have an inquiring mind and thousands of books. Many things make me happy. I’d like to share some of them. Because thinking and writing about lovely things brings more serenity into my life.

I also blog about gardens, gardening, garden books, art in gardens and garden photography at Old Herbaceous.

One thought on “Who I Am and Why I’m Here

  1. Hi I’m an extrovert but have nobody in my life at the moment, but it may all change today I have muddled through life so far having done loadsa stuff but noting much materialistically, unless you count all my records CDs and photographs. Have fun stay cool.


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