What Went Well

Every Wednesday, I reflect on the week just past and think about three things that went well. It is a positive psychology exercise known as “What Went Well” or “Three Blessings.” What Went Well Wednesdays.

This week’s blessings:

  1. I went on vacation with two of my three teenagers and we are having a wonderful mother/daughter week. Because they are kind, funny, bright young women who are great company.
  2. We are visiting my in-laws in a beautiful part of the country. Because I love them, they are aging gracefully and they always show their appreciation that I am part of their family and the mother of three beloved grandchildren.
  3. The weather here is a refreshing change from home, where temperatures approached 100 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. Because here, the highs are in the mid-80s and upper 70s, and the fresh New England air smells wonderfully of pines and lakes.

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