What Went Well

Today’s “What Went Well” Wednesday is more of a test than usual. It’s shaping up to be a challenging week at work, for many of the reasons that prompted me to start this blog. So if you’re reading this, please send serenity vibes my way!

What went well this week:

  1. One of my children started her senior year of high school, with lots of enthusiasm and anticipation. Because she’s an engaged, energetic young woman with a bright future, who works hard toward her goals but keeps her sense of humor and joy.
  2. My daughters and I came home from a lovely break in New Hampshire, refreshed in body and spirit, but happy to be home with the rest of our family. Because we are blessed to have family in that beautiful part of the world and blessed to have a happy home to which we always return.
  3. I returned to my office after working from home because of a bone fracture, and was warmly welcomed back by many colleagues. Because most of the people with whom I work are very nice.

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