Needle Painting Tutorials

Trish Burr, embroiderer extraordinaire, teacher and author of several beautiful books on needle painting, has posted some short video tutorials on her website that combine with some free projects on her website. Most of them are for flower designs but one includes a pretty bird. If you like embroidery, take a look!

Trish Burr Embroidery Blog

Hello everyone

Hope your week is going well.  For several months I have been working with the idea of providing tutorials on my website – am still tinkering with the idea of uploading some videos as I know these are really helpful but have not found the best method of filming myself yet – work in progress!

If you remember my amusing little incident some years ago with the trials and errors of self video you can read about it here.  It seems that although I seem to be making progress in some areas of my work others are harder to perfect!

These tutorials are aimed at providing basic information on the stitches, materials and preparation if you would like detailed information then it is recommended that you refer to either my DVD or any of my books.  Of course each book is a reflection of my work…

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