What Went Well

Every Wednesday (or thereabouts!), I post three things that went well in the preceding week. This is a mindfulness practice also known as “three blessings.” It helps focus one’s thoughts on the positive events in one’s life and the factors that have contributed to them. This week on “What Went Well Wednesday”:

  1. My husband and I took a day trip to a beautiful new botanical garden we hadn’t visited before, to see its thousands of Japanese maples; it was gorgeous and we had a great afternoon on our own. Because as much as we love our teenagers, we still enjoy being alone together and are best friends after 25 years of marriage.
  2. My daughter finished and submitted her Early Decision application to her top-choice college! Because she is a hardworking, gifted student making great choices for herself and her future.
  3. Halloween was very entertaining. Because although our children have mostly outgrown it, we still get visited by dozens of small trick-or-treaters in wonderful costumes, including some from outside our neighborhood whose parents bring them because our neighborhood is kid-friendly and safe. So cute!

That was my week, on top of the usual work/school/house routines! How was yours?

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