What Went Well

For some reason, it has been a little harder this week to remember to count up my “three blessings”, although it hasn’t been a bad week. In fact, it was a GOOD week, because we had a lovely Valentine’s Day. So here goes:

  1. We had a lovely Valentine’s Day! And actually a whole Valentine’s weekend. Because my dear husband couldn’t wait for Sunday to give me a bouquet of red roses, so he gave them to me early; and because we and the kids made a luscious brunch together on Sunday.
  2. My special programs at work this week are going well. Because my small team worked very hard to get the daily wellness events and details right, and people are responding to them.
  3. I had a short chair massage! Because in the midst of carrying out wellness programs for everyone else in my workplace this week, I was reminded to take a break for myself too — I had forgotten how great even a short massage feels!

There. It has been a pretty great week after all; remembering that is the whole point of “What Went Well”, so I guess it worked!

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