What Went Well: Thankful

It has been a while since I posted my weekly “three blessings” on What Went Well Wednesday, but I feel the need to do so in light of the tragedy in Orlando last weekend. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the evil and anger that prompt such an act. But it is better to remember to light one’s candles in the dark. My three blessings this week:

  1. I go to an amazing church that rallied quickly to hold a beautiful service of remembrance on Monday night, to mourn and honor the victims in Orlando. And it was straight clergy who did that, understanding that our LGBT congregants were so grief-stricken that they needed our community’s love and support.
  2. At that service, our extraordinary Bishop spoke eloquently, lovingly, passionately, inclusively, about how evil is real but God is much, much more real.
  3. I have been reaching out to students and getting very appreciative responses, which reminds me of what I enjoy about my work.

Do you have “three blessings” to ponder in this week of sadness?

3 thoughts on “What Went Well: Thankful

  1. I can’t remember feeling any more deflated than I did on Monday morning. I mean, at the moment, it feels like there is just so much.. malignity.. is really the only word I can think of to describe it. The shooting in Orlando is so soul-crushing. My heart really goes out to them.


    • I know; and when you see their photos and ages, and how young the victims were, it is so reminiscent of the killings in Paris. Just a whole lot of free, happy young people out enjoying life. But I try to remind myself that despair is what these hateful killers want to create, so I look for actions I can take instead.


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