Thunking Thursday: Mystery Thunk

Today is Thunking Thursday, and I can’t tell you what fragrance I thunked today, because I don’t know what was in the sample I finished! Maybe you can help. I found an unmarked sample from Nordstrom in my stash and decided to thunk it. The juice was a dark gold color; the fragrance was tuberose-forward, not unpleasantly so. Nordstrom is a department store that ranks somewhere above Macy’s and below Saks Fifth Avenue. They carry a wide range of design house fragrances, including Hermes and Chanel.

The tuberose is strong but fresh; there may be a hint of bergamot at the opening, but the tuberose is there from the start and continues. Drydown is pleasant but non-descript. I think my mystery thunk may be Gucci Bloom. Any ideas? And what did you thunk this week?

20 thoughts on “Thunking Thursday: Mystery Thunk

  1. Hmm, that does sound like Gucci Bloom. I’m totally blanking on other tuberose-forward scents carried by Nordstrom at the moment. I’ll come back if I think of anything else but I think you’re on the right track with Bloom!

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  2. I thunked my decant of Bottega Venetta l’absolute and my mini of the original Bottega Venetta and my Compt Sud Pacifique sampler pack. I also put a tiny bottle of eau de Cartier in my work bathroom. Someone brought in a tray where folks leave their unwanted lotions and body sprays so I thought I would glamorize it a bit. I spray on myself every time I use the bathroom and I can see that others enjoyed as well for the tiny bottle is almost done. And my eldest and middle one went through my stash and are taking back to university decants of Rose all day, Apres londee extrait, Secret Seduction and full bottles of Berdoues Violette, Iris Nobile and Meteorites so as far as I am concerned those are thanks for me as they have left my collection. Busy using up and whittling down week for me.

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