Thunking Thursday: Foundation

Today I am thunking a bottle of foundation, not fragrance. This is a rare event, because I tend to change my mind often about the foundation I use, rarely satisfied with any and always ready to switch! I didn’t adore this one, but it worked fine and I was determined to actually finish it, instead of letting it join the club of half-used bottles in a cupboard. (To be fair, some of the half-used bottles are because I use some simultaneously; my schedule is so hectic that I often have one in the bathroom, one in the car, and one in my office).

Thunk! Maybe I’ll treat myself to a higher-end foundation with help from an actual makeup person, instead of my usual drugstore cosmetics. Any suggestions? What did you thunk this week?

14 thoughts on “Thunking Thursday: Foundation

  1. No thunking per usual. My latest foundation purchase was Dior Backstage Face and Body. It’s not full coverage but I really like the finish. I have seen complaints because it does have alcohol as the 3rd ingredient . I have dryish skin and I haven’t noticed any ill effects although I don’t wear it everyday – I rotate all the time. The other one I really like is drugstore – physicians formula The Healthy Foundation. Shade range isn’t awesome but I like the formula and finish.

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  2. I also am trying to use up the many skin care and makeup products that I have. My latest foundation purchase was Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation. I absolutely love it, especially that is has SPF 40, peptides, and skin care. It feels light and has nice coverage and finish. I went to a Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstroms and had the SA match my skin for the correct shade. Prior to Bobbi Brown I had used various Chanel foundations for years which are very nice, and recently also tried Jane Iredale per my dermatologist recommendation.
    I thunked a mini bottle of Fath de Fath. I love it so much I have stocked up!

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  3. I can’t help with the foundation – sorry, but you have inspired me to thunking three bottles of oil well past its best by date – apricot, jojoba and argan. I wish I could buy smaller bottles. They are expensive to replace and I never manage to use them up. Now I just have to work out what to do with the oil. I’m not sure if our local recycling facility accepts it, although they do take cooking oil.

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  4. I was trying out some foundations today that I seemed to have had for ages.One of them seemed to haver seperated and become very oily. I tried shaking, squeezing the tube numerous times,but couldn’t get it to come out in the correct consistancy. Will probably thunk it tomorrow.

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  5. What type of foundation do you usually prefer: matte and full coverage? Sheer and dewy? There are so many options these days!

    I’ve narrowed down my foundations to just two that I’m happy with. I have the Nars Radiance tinted moisturizer, which is more full coverage than the average tinted moisturizer. I love the consistency of it and I wear it when I want to look fresh-faced. My other current favorite is the Bobbi Brown Skin Longwear, which is more of a satin matte finish.

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