Perfume Chat Room, July 9

Welcome to the weekly Perfume Chat Room, perfumistas! I envision this chat room as a weekly drop-in spot online, where readers may ask questions, suggest fragrances, tell others their SOTD, comment on new releases or old favorites, and respond to each other. The perennial theme is fragrance, but we can interpret that broadly. This is meant to be a kind space, so please try not to give or take offense, and let’s all agree to disagree when opinions differ. In fragrance as in life, your mileage may vary! YMMV.

Today is Friday, July 9, and one of my daughters is moving into her own apartment this weekend! We’re so excited for her. Like many young adults, she has lived at home since the pandemic shut everything down, working and saving money. She started a new job last month, and she will share the apartment with her best friend from high school, who has just moved back from New York. Selfishly, we are very happy that the apartment they chose is in a neighborhood close to our home. So she’ll probably stop in once in a while, if only to visit the dog!

Yesterday I wore Dame Perfumery’s Chocolate Man for the community project at “Now Smell This“, which was to wear a scent that reminded one of ice cream or had some tie to ice cream. I enjoyed it (it’s a great, true chocolate scent) but it also confirmed that I’m not really into gourmand fragrances, at least not in hot weather. So today, I’m wearing a bargain beauty: Philosophy’s Pure Grace Summer Moments, a limited edition issued last year. I like it! I’ve tried the original Pure Grace many times in stores and haven’t been able to connect with it — to my nose, it mostly smelled just soapy. But this flanker is very appealing, and not soapy at all. It has notes of fig, lemon, sage, “green notes”, and “dew drop” (aka aquatic). Fragrantica classifies it as a citrus aromatic. This is much more my style, and it’s very pleasant on this July day that promises to become hot and humid.

Now that we’re well into July, are you turning to any particular “summery” fragrances? Do you wear gourmand scents in the summertime?

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13 thoughts on “Perfume Chat Room, July 9

  1. Hiya OH,
    That is fantastic news that your daughter and bestie will be nearby! Has it been fun having her home?
    I’m doing this one week in a single scent challenge for my own enjoyment/torment. Funnily it kinda fits with the NST theme because it definitely has some fruity gelato style moments. Lalique EdT femme, from 1992. I have no idea why I picked it from everything but it has turned out to be amazing. Such an array of presented moods and even notes. So i’m loving it.
    Back in lockdown, it just got pretty real here. The C19 Delta variant is not following normal pattens and the authorities are having real trouble tracking outbreaks. I’m thinking there will be zero entertainment work till at least September. thank everything Jin is still gainfully employed.
    Portia xx

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    • It has been nice to have her home, especially since she had COVID last fall and we were able to be with her (she was quarantined) and take care of her. Luckily she had a relatively mild case. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having more lockdowns (and less entertainment/work). The Delta strain is wreaking havoc here in the USA too, mostly among the unvaccinated (which is a choice many have made, which bewilders me). It spreads so easily that even some fully vaccinated people are getting it, but they aren’t getting as sick. So the vaccine is still a life-saver!


      • Oh yeah! I remember her being C19 sick with you.
        Yeah, many people in Australia thought we’d dodged the C19 bullet and everything was OK so they didn’t get vaccinated. Add to that how poorly our government has handled the vaccination roll out. It took us over a month to get our appointments.


        • So glad you got your first vaccine and are signed up for the second one. I’m mad with all the people in the US who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet because the vaccines ARE readily available here. I thought they might all be anti-vaxxers or super right wing people, but according to a report we heard on NPR (national public radio) the majority of the unvaccinated are just too lazy and/or indifferent to go get vaccinated. That’s sad since many of them will get sick and die and my son and the other health professionals will have to try to help them. All the doctors and nurses are already completely worn out with the COVID epidemic. It has affected the entire health system, not just infectious disease and ER doctors and nurses. Sorry, enough of my rant for the day.


          • Feel free to rant — I feel the same way. I’m not in healthcare myself but I work at a university that is also home to a major medical center and system, and I have many friends who are doctors and nurses. Almost all who have worke directly with COVID patients are basically suffering from PTSD at this point, yet they keep doing the best they can to help people. I have a friend whose father, a 70+ year-old doctor, died last summer from COVID-19 because he refused to stop treating patients. He knew the risks and took every precaution available then, and he still died from it. It really upsets me when people don’t take this pandemic seriously and won’t do their part to limit it. I feel as if a reckoning will come, one way or another.


          • Ricky,
            This Delta variant has caught us all unawares.
            We were at zero community transmissions a month ago.
            Yes, our own health services are stretched to the limit too. Australia’s first 20 year old on a respirator right now.
            Sending cyber hugs,
            Portia xx


    • Yeah Delta is being an utter scumbag everywhere now, it seems. The only saving Grace here is that about 60% of the population is fully vaxed which is keeping people out of hospital. Hope that a short, sharp lockdown works for you all there.

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  2. Congrats to your daughter! I have wonderful, old memories of wearing The Body Shop Amorito, a chocolate/jasmine scent, through a summer. It was light and worked well for me. Not sure I have any gourmand scents now.

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  3. Lucky you to have your daughter nearby, and lucky daughter to be living with her bestie, plus close enough to her parents in case of any emergency, for instance, running out of tea-bags, coffee, sugar or toilet roll😃. It’s lovely when they’re living with you and it’s equally lovely when they spread their wings.
    I’m mad to try some of Dame’s fragrances but I need a mule for those. I know he ships internationally but I’d be crucified with customs and VAT. I’m a big gourmand fan I think, love coffee and chocolate notes among others. SOTD is EL Sensuous Nude which is particularly lovely today for some reason. Usually it’s one I need to re-apply but haven’t needed to today. I have a very busy but fun-filled week coming up starting tomorrow. I’ve stocked up on the Berocca.

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  4. That’s great that your daughter and her friend will be close by. I wish my son weren’t a 5 1/2 hour drive away! But we’ve made the drive so many times now I think we could do it in our sleep. We’re pre-programmed on all our stops and the short cuts.

    I’m wearing a gourmand today, Jessica Simpson’s Fancy. I was in a ‘fancy’ mood today since it’s a glum rainy day and not hot at all.

    My perfume choices for summer usually run to citruses and tea scents, green tea scents being the favorites for summer, Bvlgari The Vert and Parfums de Rosine Mon Amie la Rose. My fave this summer is Laboratorio Olfattivo Mandarino by Jean-Claude Ellena. It’s fresh and delightful.

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