What Went Well

This week:

  1. I had a lovely visit with my elderly, fragile mother who lives in another state (a plane ride away). Nowadays those visits are always a little tinged with sadness as she doesn’t want to say goodbye and I wonder if this might be the last one, given her poor health, but we still enjoyed it very much. Because when I’m there, I can focus on her and just be with her, thanks to my wonderful husband who manages household and kids in my absence.
  2. We had lots of fun choosing childhood photos for our daughter’s senior yearbook page. Because she and her siblings were so cute and funny, and such happy children! Lots of happy memories, although she and the others have grown up too fast.
  3. I reconnected with two childhood friends during my weekend with my mother, one in person and one via email. Because I am trying to counter my introvert tendencies by remembering to reach out more to people I don’t see often.

I do this exercise, also called “Three Blessings”, weekly as a mindfulness/gratitude practice. What helps you focus on the good things in your life?

2 thoughts on “What Went Well

  1. I loved reading this. I think we can sometimes get so caught up in whatever is annoying us that the smaller joys are often overlooked. Unexpected kindnesses always leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings. I often find that they have a very quiet tendency to set off these little chain events of positivity.

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