Vanilla Fiesta: 11 Mini Reviews

The Perfume Magpie nails it again, not only with these mini-reviews but the wonderful illustration of the passed-out bird! LOL, I feel like this sometimes when I’ve gone on a sample-smelling binge.

The Perfume Magpie

Magpie had a enough of vanilla... | Illustration by The Perfume Magpie Magpie had enough of vanilla… | Illustration by The Perfume Magpie

To tell the truth, I haven’t been a big fan of vanilla fragrances. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the smell of vanilla itself. I have a whole bunch of vanilla beans that I brought back from Zanzibar stashed in my kitchen cupboard and I sometimes open the jar just to enjoy their heavenly sweet smell. But I like vanilla in something edible, not in something I put on. I don’t enjoy smelling like a little cupcake.

Recently when I was digging through my perfume samples, I discovered that I had quite a few un-sniffed ones with vanilla as an important part of their compositions; they were all lying at the bottom of my sample boxes, buried and forgotten under the other little vials. I suddenly felt kind of pity for them. Whether I was feeling mellow in the…

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