What Went Well

My week and what went well:

  1. A perfect October day yesterday! Where I live now, October is like what we used to call “Indian Summer”, which in parts of New England is usually early September. Just because.
  2. The world didn’t end, in spite of rumors circulating on the Internet. Because the world NEVER ends when the Internet says it will.
  3. My family was awesome. Because they are. Awesome.

I hope the rest of your week goes well too.

Photo: Scott Ranger’s Nature Notes, http://www.scottranger.com.

4 thoughts on “What Went Well

  1. The past couple of days have been lovely in London, despite a rainy, grey start to the week. I had a fantastic day on Thursday buying tuberoses at Covent Garden Market and a fantastic photo shoot at my friend’s studio in the afternoon with Guerlain’s Guet Apens and Passion by Elizabeth Taylor.

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