Fragrance Friday: A Reclusive Perfumer

This week’s Fragrance Friday is more about the perfumer than the perfume. I bought a coffret of Lollia eaux de parfums at Anthropologie, a limited edition “wardrobe” of three fragrances by Margot Elena, who is also the creator of TokyoMilk and other brands. I was curious to find out more about her, and found an intriguing interview she gave to Sephora: Character Study: Margot Elena. One of my favorite quotes from the article:

Fragrance is alive and the most intimate “accessory” we can select. It is never the same scent on any two people, and it is never the same exact fragrance from day to day based on the interaction with one’s body chemistry. Is there any art that is more intimate and beautiful than that?

The packaging of the set is lovely too, designed by RedGrackle (whose photo is featured).

I was also intrigued by the names of the eaux de parfums: I Can Still Smell the Rain, Velvet As Night, and Another Quiet Day. I haven’t tried them other than in the store, but will share my thoughts once I have. If you have tried them or other Lollia scents, please share comments, below!

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