Fragrance Friday: Carner Barcelona

My lovely husband has returned from another business trip to Barcelona; and I am now the happy recipient of several samples of fragrance from the niche perfumery Carner Barcelona, as well as the “travel set” of its fragrances Tardes and Rima XI. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, so this week’s “Fragrance Friday” will be about the perfume house instead.

Carner Barcelona was founded by Sara Carner in 2009. According to the company website,

In an aim to explore new challenges, Sara left Barcelona and headed to New York City. While completing her MBA at Columbia Business School she caught the entrepreneurial spirit that would later help her to materialize her love for fine perfumery.

After years of working amongst the best in the perfumery business Sara returned home, to Barcelona. Working alongside world renowned perfumers, she poured parts of herself, her experiences, her thoughts and dreams one droplet at a time, creating unique fragrances that she can now share with others.

Carner Barcelona has six fragrances, all of which are represented in the six-sample set you can buy online. They are: Cuirs, D600, El Born, Palo Santo, Rima XI and Tardes. I’m especially excited to try El Born, as that is a Barcelona neighborhood my family and I know, and love. Anchored by the 14th century church of Santa Maria del Mar, in an area once known for medieval jousting, today’s El Born is a maze of medieval passageways opening out into small greenspaces and packed with high-style boutiques, art galleries, tapas restaurants and other chic city amenities. The city’s long history is present everywhere, around every corner. Carner Barcelona has thoroughly embraced Barcelona’s heritage as well as its contemporary fashion vibe. Even its house insignia is meant to recall the beautiful 19th century ironwork one sees throughout the city.

A passion for fine perfumery, a constant search for authenticity and quality and a tireless desire to create by connecting scents and experiences, encouraged Sara Carner to follow her instinct and start her own project, CARNER BARCELONA.

Working alongside the most recognized noses, Sara brought her artistic and personal interests to life, creating delicate blends of precious ingredients by pouring parts of herself, her experiences, her thoughts and dreams one droplet at a time.

Coming from a long line of Spanish leather artisans, Sara Carner has infused CARNER BARCELONA with the culture of Spanish workmanship collaborating with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of the brand and its perfumes.

A nice summary of Carner Barcelona and its perfumes appears at Fragrantica. If you have tried any of them, I’d love to know your reactions!

Photo: Olfactoria’s Travels.

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