A Black Friday Weekend Deal for Gourmand Lovers

After I had written my last post, about Montale’s Intense Cafe, I started looking for other coffee-based scents. Lo and behold — a new independent perfume line called Ganache Parfums consists entirely of gourmand scents, and it has a whole “Joe Project” collection of coffee-based fragrances! It also has a wonderful deal this weekend, so there are a few more hours within which to benefit, and to support an independent small business. Not only does Ganache Parfums have a 45% off discount code site-wide, d@rkchocolate, but it also offers two “Taste of Ganache” Flight Sets for $55 each. Each set (“Just Desserts” and “Coffee and Dessert”) has five 30ml bottles of some of their most popular gourmand fragrances. Two more 30 ml scents will be included as a gift with purchase, and shipping is free for orders over $50! Now that’s a yummy deal. Please share in the comments anything you know about this line, or whether you have tried it.

11 thoughts on “A Black Friday Weekend Deal for Gourmand Lovers

  1. Have you tried any of their perfumes yet? I’m not a huge indie perfumes fan so I’m a little skeptical when I’m offered some “flight” of samples without explanation of what exactly I’m getting – the quantity and volume.


    • I haven’t yet, but I liked the sound of the little that was on Fragrantica. These “flights”include five bottles of 30 ml each, so even if they turn out to be more like Demeter Fragrances than anything else, that will be fine by me as part of my learning curve.


      • I was referring to their sample “flights” – on their website for $35 (which includes $20 certificate for future purchases). It’s not clear, how many samples and what format of samples (dab, spray) are included.
        If you decide to try them, I’ll read your reviews 🙂


  2. P.S. I’m curious, Undina — is it that you dislike indie perfumes, or that you just aren’t as interested in them as you are in other fragrances? You’re clearly very knowledgeable, so I’m interested in your thoughts on this. Thanks for any insights you’d like to share!


    • Since by now whoever wanted to read this post have read it, I’ll write just openly though usually I prefer not to say it aloud because I do not want to harm any of the indie brands by whatever I might think of them – and people are impressionable, especially when they read something negative.

      I tried A LOT of indie perfumes, both all-natural and mixed media. And while I found 3-4 perfumes that I genuinely liked, the majority of what I tried were far below what I consider a good perfume.
      I realize that it might mean that I just do not like the style of hand-made perfumes and prefer factory-produced scents – so one might say that it’s just a personal preference. But my take on “good perfumes” from the “real brands” coincide with opinions of many other perfume enthusiasts. So I’m thinking: can it be that when it comes to the mass-produced perfumes I “understand” them right but with indie perfumes I’m mistaken? Theoretically, yes, it can but I have strong doubts.

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      • I completely understand your concern, That’s why I don’t write negative reviews. There are plenty of perfumes I enjoy, and am happy to write about, without having to spread negativity about one I didn’t like. Because someone else probably DOES like it, and someone probably worked hard to create it. Especially if that person was an independent perfumer. I think many people also underestimate the huge amount of time and care that goes into the more widely distributed perfumes coming from more corporate brands. Many of them are high-quality, well-made scents. I suspect indie perfumes are more “hit or miss”.

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  3. Never tried this brand but was eyeballing them a while ago looking for a good coffee scent and researching the fragrances on fragrantica as well. Right now they are having a buy one get one free sale on several scents that they plan to discontinue…a total of 4 oz of perfume for $55 seems like a steal to me but I no longer do blind buys and am kind of on a no buy right now so I won’t partake of this fantastic deal. If you do try them I will be curious as to your take on the line.

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