Thunking Thursday: L’Ambre des Merveilles

This week, I thunked my sample of Hermes’ L’Ambre des Merveilles. I like it very much, but I don’t feel a pressing urge to acquire a full bottle. I am still exploring various amber-based fragrances and haven’t settled on a favorite yet. What I like about it: it is soft and warm, with a nice level of vanilla that isn’t too sweet. I like the labdanum note and the fact that the patchouli not isn’t very strong. I think this is a good choice for cooler weather, and I’ve enjoyed wearing it on our recent cool but sunny days.

What have you thunked lately?

11 thoughts on “Thunking Thursday: L’Ambre des Merveilles

  1. That one is interesting. I love ambers (Ambre 114, Ambre Precieux, Barbara Bui, Alahine, etc) but there is something in this one that I can’t abide. Maybe an unlisted note?


  2. Nice one! I enjoy Ambre des Merveilles but Elixir is my favorite Eau des Merveilles flanker.

    I still haven’t thunked anything yet!!! I’m working on my Narciso sample, which is still the most likely contender to be my first thunk of the year.

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  3. I have a hard time smelling all the the Merveilles. I have a full bottle of the original and have to do a massive amount of sprays to even notice it. The Ambre I thunked not that long ago (it was a decant).
    I have been steadfast in wearing one of my full bottles this week, Natura Amor America Paramela so haven’t technically thunked anything but my son confiscated my bottle of Atelier Mistral Patchouli and the Different Company Sens et Bois so in my book those are my thunks of the week.

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  4. I love all the ambers that MMKinPA listed Ambre 114, Ambre Precieux, Alahine (Barbara Bui I need to try). I love Hermes’ L’Ambre des Merveilles. I’ve used up a couple sample vials, and it is on my full bottle wish list. I agree it is soft and warm.Other ambers I love are TF Amber, Fort & Manle’s Amber, and Ambre Russe, worth sampling.
    I thunked a decant of Guerlain Ne’M Oubliez Pas this week and I am so sad it’s gone!

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