Scent Sample Sunday: Hoarding?

Uh oh. The New York Times is onto us! This is why I need “Thunking Thursday.” Do you feel that your collection of samples is starting to look like hoarding? What (if anything) do you plan to do about those samples?

9 thoughts on “Scent Sample Sunday: Hoarding?

  1. I have a sample box, but it is not very big, so i am hoping to use the things up, that it contains. My skincare samples are taken on vacations, so i use them up relatively quick. Some expensive Korean skincare i order as sample packs, because they are much cheaper like this (Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo). I don’t want to shell out over 100Euros for 50ml of face cream.

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  2. No hoarding for me…between my three kids, their college friends, my parents, my best friend of 50+ years who has recently caught the perfume bug and my small group of perfume online friends I don’t seem to keep too many samples at I am known for thunking samples in one fell swoop 🙂

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  3. I have many samples that I mostly enjoy when I want to explore. I admit to hoarding my favorites! However, I have a fragrance loving friend who I share many samples with. It makes me happy to give her the opportunity to sample more and we have fun discussing fragrances with our interpretations and reviews. I would happily share more if I had more fragrance loving friends! I am slowly but surely enticing my sister. She is finally open to sampling and wears more than “one” signature scent.

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  4. For many years I was keeping samples even when I tried and didn’t like them. I called it “Library.” But since I do not wear perfumes from samples, and after a while I do not go back and test those that I didn’t like again, they just stay in my drawers and slowly die. So last year I decided that I needed to go through samples quicker, decide whether I wanted to test them more and, if no, pass them on somebody else for testing: I hate the idea that people spend dozens of dollars to test something that stays without any use in my collection. It goes slowly, since I’m re-testing some of the perfumes – to make up my mind or sometimes just to make sure that it’s still not spoiled before sending it to someone else.
    Recently I “purged” a set of samples by adding them to Lucas’s travel box of samples.
    Maybe in a couple of months I should do my own box and send it off to the World…

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