Scent Sample Sunday: Thunking

This is my first “Scent Sample Sunday” post of the New Year, and I have thunking on my mind, thanks to a running conversation on the blog Australian Perfume Junkies (a very welcoming online community, btw, which I highly recommend). I think it was APJ reader Brigitte who coined the phrase, referring to the satisfying “thunk” sound made by an empty vial or bottle of fragrance when it hits the bottom of a wastebasket, having been happily emptied and enjoyed by its owner. Thunk!

The running conversation has been about the readers’ commitments to finishing the fragrances they already have before rushing to buy more. A related commitment is to “shopping in your own closet”, i.e. to rediscover what one already has in one’s fragrance cabinet or other storage, enjoy and appreciate it, and reduce impulse buying.

Count me in! So I’m going to start a new series of blog posts here, called “Thunking Thursday”, and I invite you to join me! I’ll write briefly about something I’ve thunked that week, and I hope you’ll comment on whatever you have thunked, whether that week or earlier. Or even what you plan to thunk in coming weeks! Maybe we can reinforce each other’s New Year’s resolutions — or at least vicariously enjoy each other’s “thunks.” I might award a prize to the reader who describes the most completed thunks here this month if I get a large number, so boast away! Please include a brief description of the fragrance and your experience with it, including whether you think you’ll seek it out again.

I’ll start today, claiming one “thunk point” for my sample of Tiffany & Co. Intense EDP.  I loved everything about it: the strong iris note, the packaging, the ad campaign. Maybe I should have to deduct points from myself, though, since I got a full bottle of it for Christmas based on my love of the store sample! Oh well. We all know what paves the road to … you know the rest.

How many thunk points have you accumulated so far in 2019? If you need a few days to think and thunk, come back on Thunking Thursday and comment there! Happy New Year!

Bottle of Tiffany & Co. perfume Tiffany blue

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22 thoughts on “Scent Sample Sunday: Thunking

  1. I’ve not thunked anything yet. When I went into Debenhams dept store just before Christmas to have a spritz of Tiffany and hope to score a sample, Lovely display, no perfume out to have a sprtiz, no SA either. Came away very disappointed.

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  2. I’ve “thunked” two samples of Tiffany & Co in the past couple months, compliments of my local Nordstroms. I’ve not sniffed the Intense version yet. I was very surprised how beautiful the dry down is after the initial citrus start. The bottles are gorgeous. A full bottle is on my wishlist; however, I’m trying to reduce my spending and it’s not on the top of my list yet.
    I chose to wear the original Tiffany on my wedding day in 1999. I didn’t wear the fragrance a lot and eventually gave it away, which I so regret now! Back then I didn’t understand the value of vintages with the ensuing reformulations/restrictions.

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    • What a beautiful choice for a wedding perfume! Yes, the drydowns of the new Tiffany & Co. and the Intense version are lovely. And yay for Nordstrom’s — they have the most generous sampling of all the big department stores overall, I think. I love that they put out vials so you can fill your own samples!


  3. I haven’t thunked anything recently but I periodically do a random sample selection from my spreadsheet and this year I plan to work on thunking those. I am also on a no-buy for the foreseeable future and hope to make some good progress on using my existing bottles.

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  4. Nordstrom is very generous with samples now, which has not always been the case. I so appreciate the opportunity to sample and the SAs are much more friendly and happy to discuss fragrances and notes as well. And they offer very generous gifts with purchases.
    You received a lovely Christmas gift and smell beautiful in Your Tiffany & Co! I’ll bet the bottle is an ongoing pleasure to view in your boudoir!

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  5. I love the sound of Thunking Thursday! 🙂 I finished up a face serum this week, which made a satisfying *thunk* sound when I threw it out, but no perfume yet in 2019. I’m getting close on my Vol de Nuit sample, but I want to savor that one so I’m going slowly.


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