Thunking Thursday: First Cut

Today I am thunking my precious sample of St. Clair Scents‘ First CutI’m tempted to get a travel size bottle of it, especially as she has a promo code for 10% off all bottles between now and Valentine’s Day: LOVE10. I don’t think I will, though; I have plenty of scents to enjoy. Besides, I might rather get Gardener’s Glove!

How did your own thunking go this week? Anyone care to post a total for January? I think Brigitte is in the lead …

14 thoughts on “Thunking Thursday: First Cut

  1. I haven’t thunked. The only contender is DSH Colorado, but I ended up ordering a bottle from American Perfumer (violated my no buy but it’s limited edition, so….) and I thought I’d save the sample to pass on to someone else rather than thunking it!

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  2. What??? Ten percent off??? And I am supposed to be on a no buy!!!
    I received partially used DSH samples from the freebie meet and I thunked twelve of them. Did not think two others from that bunch because I would like to test again.

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  3. I finally thunked the Narciso Poudree sample! I have quite a few samples now that are down to the halfway point, so I might have a whole group to thunk in February! (Potentially including Frost and Casablanca from St. Clair Scents!)

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