Thunking Thursday: Exceptional?

If you’ve ever ordered from the website Fragrancenet, you have undoubtedly received at least one sample of their “exclusive” fragrances: Exceptional Because You Are and Simply Belle. They throw those into every order, often with the dinky little plastic purse mirror or the (more useful) emery board for nails.

I never wear those samples; sometimes I collect them with little travel supplies like shampoo, to donate to shelters or clothing banks. But today, in honor of Thunking Thursday, I am wearing and thunking Exceptional. I’ll thunk it even if the vial’s not empty, because it is just — meh. It’s only $35.74 for 100 ml with the usual Fragrancenet coupon, but I have better ways to spend $35.74. For example, for the exact same amount, one can buy a 3 oz. tester of Jicky eau de toilette on the Fragrancenet site. I rest my case.

What is Exceptional like? It’s not unpleasant. It has a synthetic citrusy opening, followed by what one commenter described as “a musky little floral.” That’s about all, but it’s okay. I wouldn’t be able to pick out any particular flower notes without prompting — maybe a little freesia? And then a light synthetic musk that fades away within a few hours. I wouldn’t go out of my way to wear or buy this, but if I wanted a fragrance and this was all I happened to have in my purse, or the other options were too strong for where I was or what I was doing, I’d wear it.

Thunk! Have you ever actually tried this one, or its sister Simply Belle? Did you thunk anything more interesting this week?

8 thoughts on “Thunking Thursday: Exceptional?

  1. I tried it a few years ago but honestly don’t remember how I felt about it-LOL!
    I thunked a full bottle of Reglisse Noire, a decant of Santal Nabataea and samples of Heart of Darkness, Viettieane, Angelique and Tobacco Rose. All were wonderful.

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  2. I remember getting that sample with one of the orders but it didn’t even occur to me to test it. I know, it’s snobbish of me but I couldn’t help it.
    On any other day/week I would have answered that there were no “thunks” for me: if not to count sending samples off to other homes, I rarely thunk anything: I do not wear perfumes from samples (so, the way I test them 0.7 ml sample might last a dozen of tries – which rarely happens with any perfumes.But today, without realizing it would happen, I finished a bottle (30 ml) of Hugo Boss Deep Red that I had for years.

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  3. I’ve never actually tried the Fragrancenet samples, but I always seem to get the purse mirror! Thank you for testing it — at least the rest of us us know what it smells like now!

    I thunked my Floris Honey Oud sample.

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  4. I have tried both the Fragrancenet samples, and they are not bad, but not FB worthy. Simply Belle is a very pretty peachy floral. Pleasant smelling samples that I don’t care to wear, I dump on a sweater in my closet or on the top rim of a lampshade if the fragrance won’t stain. It really is a nice way to scent a room.

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