Happy National Fragrance Day!

It’s National Fragrance Day in the UK! In fact, this whole week is National Fragrance Week. The Jasmine Awards have been announced, and if you’re in the UK, there seem to be many special offers, draws, etc., listed on the Fragrance Foundation’s website.

What will you wear today to celebrate fragrance? I’m thinking about Etat Libre d’Orange’s Vraie Blonde, which I just got in my Scentbird subscription, for its note of pink champagne. It’s sparkly and delightful!

5 thoughts on “Happy National Fragrance Day!

      • Ha! will do! Would you believe I still have a copy of the letter I sent to Sarah, the original letter she returned explaining the perfume and the pamphlet of her other offerings from 1998 when her company was called Creative Scentualizations? I don’t know why I saved all of it but I did :0

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