Fragrance Friday II: Planning A Trip To Paris!

Although I am very fortunate to be able to tag along on some of my husband’s business trips, and they have taken us (and often our kids) to England, Spain, the South of France, and Italy, we haven’t been back to Paris since our honeymoon. As we have two graduations coming up in 2020, as well as a milestone anniversary, we’ve decided to take the family to Paris and Normandy! I’m so excited to finalize plans for this trip. Here is where I need your help! Of course, we will take the kids to the obligatory sights of Paris, which will take up the better part of a week, at least. (I spent part of a summer studying in Paris as a teenager, and found new places to discover daily for six weeks, so I know we will only scratch the surface, but you’ve got to start somewhere!). I have in mind a few fragrant stops, like the Palais Royale and its boutiques, and maybe some of the flagship stores of brands like Hermes and Chanel. I know many of my readers are perfumistas — can you suggest more possibilities? Please add in the comments below! Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday II: Planning A Trip To Paris!

  1. How exciting!! We were in Paris two summers ago and I limited most of my shopping due to both time and budget limitations but I visited Jovoy, Annick Goutal, Nicolai, Diptyque and Guerlain. With another day I would have gone more upscale “just to look”! Enjoy!!

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    • Ooh, those are some great ideas! Guerlain! We have a Chanel boutique and an Hermes boutique in my city, so I could skip those in favor of Guerlain, unless my daughters REALLY want to see the other motherships.


  2. Hi !
    Jovoy is a great idea, Diptyque and Guerlain also obviously. There is also the Occitane x Pierre Hermé store on the Champs Elysées near the Guerlain flagship.
    Most importantly: don’t miss Les Etats Libres d’Orange in the Marais for their eccentric fragrances, and the gorgeous Shiseido Palace housing Serge Lutens perfumes at the palais royal.
    Also the musée de parfum Fragonard (free) is a good place to visit near Opera, short and interesting. If you want drop me a mail, I have done several thematic guides for my USA friends visiting Paris.
    Have fun !

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