Perfume Chat Room, May 8

Welcome to the weekly Perfume Chat Room, perfumistas! I envision this chat room as a weekly drop-in spot online, where readers may ask questions, suggest fragrances, tell others their SOTD, comment on new releases or old favorites, and respond to each other. The perennial theme is fragrance, but we can interpret that broadly. This is meant to be a kind space, so please try not to give or take offense, and let’s all agree to disagree when opinions differ. In fragrance as in life, your mileage may vary! YMMV. As regular readers know, I am in the middle of a “Roses de Mai Marathon” during which I am trying to post a daily review of a different rose scent. That will continue today (post will come later), but in the meantime, please feel free to chat! At an appropriate social distance, of course.

Today is May 8, and Mother’s Day is this weekend. Have you tried any new fragrances lately? Are you expecting to receive or give any fragrances for Mother’s Day this Sunday?

19 thoughts on “Perfume Chat Room, May 8

  1. I’m really enjoying your May roses marathon. I’m not familiar with the ones you’ve been wearing so far so I’m learning a bit more. As if I need to be reading about things that may throw up some questions😉

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  2. I’m wearing Ormonde Woman today. My entire household is in low spirits this week so I’m trying to wear favorites in order to lift me up. No new perfume – still chugging away at my yearlong no-buy. I have some small hope for a new Apple Watch for Mother’s Day- the one I received 5 years ago died a few weeks ago and I have been missing having one.

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    • I’m sorry to hear your household is feeling blue! Favorite scents are a good idea for a pick-me-up. Last week was my “blue” week. This week is better, though I was exhausted by Wednesday night. Good on you for the no-buy commitment! And I hope you get that Apple Watch!


  3. I am enjoying your Rose fragrance reviews OH. I tend not to wear rose forward fragrances often but I love to learn about rose fragrances. I had mentioned I have Jo Malone Red Roses which I am enjoying mixing with other JM fragrances. I also have Hiram Green Lustre, have you sampled? Oh, and Chamade! Love!

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  4. Testing St Clair Scents LE spring release Song of Aubrac and Pharaoh’s Passion. Both are exquisite perfumes. Such an under the radar indie house. I hope her perfume business can survive and thrive, given the current financial and economic status of the Northeast.


    • Oooh, I’m eager to try them! Thanks for the reminder that I must order those. Yes, I’m concerned for her too, as so much of her dairy business depends on very high-end restaurants. I would buy her butter directly! I’m sure it’s amazing.


  5. Hey there OH,
    Sorry i’ve been MIA.
    Have been catching up on your rose posts. WOW! The breadth of your roses is fabulous.
    This week I’ve been wearing my Guerlain. Tonight it’s Cologne du 68 by Guerlain. Rarely sees any action but every toime I do wear it I wonder why not.
    Hope your Mother’s Day was special.
    Portia xx

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    • Thanks! Good to see you as always! MIA is allowed. Yes, we had a very nice Mother’s Day; just me, my husband, and our kids. But that’s the usual for us, we don’t go in for annual massive brunches. I’ve hosted one of those a couple of times when tied to a graduation the same weekend, or some other momentous occasion, but we’re usually quite casual about M Day. Speaking of Guerlain, what are your thoughts about Nahema? I have not been able to make friends with that one.


      • Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day to me. Small and full of love.
        Nahema! I love it. There is an old 30ml extrait tester here that is eye lollingly beautiful and a modern extrait in the quadrilobe bottle that is still beautiful but a good deal sharper. I’ve been wearing a large decant of the EdT that has about 2ml left. Also a matte gold box modern-ish EdP still unopened in its cellophane. So yeah, I do quite like it for a particular mood.
        Portia xx

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    • It was a neglected bottle from a dear friend who has a massive collection (600+ full bottles). She was downsizing and sent me her bottle. It’s by Menard from 2004 and to me it’s a bit fruity and musky…..a bit different, I believe, from the notes on fragrantica. The bottle is stunning. Take a peek at some of the photos in the fragram on fragrantica.
      Mother’s day presents were my St Clair Scents LE spring release samples. 😻💚💜😸


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