Perfume Chat Room, August 7

Welcome to the weekly Perfume Chat Room, perfumistas! I envision this chat room as a weekly drop-in spot online, where readers may ask questions, suggest fragrances, tell others their SOTD, comment on new releases or old favorites, and respond to each other. The perennial theme is fragrance, but we can interpret that broadly. This is meant to be a kind space, so please try not to give or take offense, and let’s all agree to disagree when opinions differ. In fragrance as in life, your mileage may vary! YMMV.

Today is Friday, August 7, and it is HOT where I live. We alternate between extreme muggy heat and thunderous downpours of rain. I feel lucky, though, as we haven’t had the downed trees and loss of power that many in the Northeast have suffered this week. What fragrances do you wear in this kind of weather? I’m mostly indoors, working from home during the week, but when I step outside, it’s very humid. And oh, the mosquitoes! Today I’m trying Carthusia’s Fiori di Capri, a very pretty, traditional floral scent, with many different notes arranged in a classic pyramid structure. What is your SOTD? Or what do you prefer when the weather swings between heat and thunderstorms?

9 thoughts on “Perfume Chat Room, August 7

  1. Hope you’re managing to stay cool! It got hot for us but is cooling down in MA, and we were also lucky with the storm compared with NY and NJ. After weeks of trying ELdO perfumes, I’ve also started hankering for classic pyramid structures. I just discovered Parfum d’Empire Osmanthus Interdite and we’re getting along very well. Have a great weekend!

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  2. It’s a perfect weather here now, much cooler than it could be expected from August in SF Bay Area, and I’m enjoying it. No rain for us for the next 2-3 months (unless we get a freak random storm in the next couple of weeks, it happens rarely in August). I sympathize with everyone who suffers from the heat and humidity, especially if they have to do it in the dark.
    Wore today Keiko Mecheri Mogador – beautiful and very tenacious rose.And tomorrow I plan to continue with the same brand and wear Johana.

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  3. I just came from my first official “senior picture” photo shoot. Doing a favor for a friend who son plays football with mine. I’m hoping that they like a few of the shots! I’m wearing Yves Rocher Monoi dry oil today. I will probably layer something else in the tropical floral family on top later, but the oil is really nice. It’s thankfully not as hot here – highs in the 80s – in July we had many days in the 90s and I just don’t like heat.

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  4. I’ve been wearing samples from Vilhelm Parfums this week and they are all quite refreshing. I especially like Room Service and Morning Chess. There is something about these scents that seems ‘cool’ temperature wise, which is exactly what I need in hot, humid Florida. Also wearing Meloe by Teo Cabanel, a lovely citrus fragrance.

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      • I’m trying to resist buying a full bottle as it is pretty pricey. If I still love it after a couple of months I’ll probably buy it from Luckyscent. Now that I’m retired and have less discretionary income, I’m forcing myself to make more “considered decisions” about things like perfume and clothing. It’s been easy with the clothes since there is nowhere to go anyway!
        Thanks for hosting the Perfume Chat Room. I enjoy it a lot.

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