Perfume Chat Room, May 27

Back to our Friday schedule! Welcome to the weekly Perfume Chat Room, perfumistas! I envision this chat room as a weekly drop-in spot online, where readers may ask questions, suggest fragrances, tell others their SOTD, comment on new releases or old favorites, and respond to each other. The perennial theme is fragrance, but we can interpret that broadly. This is meant to be a kind space, so please try not to give or take offense, and let’s all agree to disagree when opinions differ. In fragrance as in life, your mileage may vary! YMMV.

Today is the start of the Memorial Day Weekend here in the US, which also marks the official start of summer for many people. I returned from my travels last Sunday, having spent a week in Northern Italy, five days in Spain, and a long weekend in New Jersey (college reunion). It was all great fun, but I’m glad to be home! I did get a chance to spend time in the fabulous TWA Hotel, in the repurposed landmark TWA terminal at JFK Airport, which I loved:

TWA Hotel
The Sunken Lounge at the TWA Hotel

Along the way, I did make a few fragrance purchases (I blame the favorable exchange rate): two private-label eaux de parfum at the garden island of Isola Bella, one centered on neroli and the other on roses; Prada’s La Femme and Carthusia’s new A’mmare in Milan; and Santa Eulalia’s Albis in Sitges (a beach resort outside Barcelona). There were a few traditional local perfumeries in Sitges and it was fun to explore them. One in particular, a tiny shop, had a very nice selection of niche perfumes (that’s where I got Albis). I look forward to really testing them now that I’m home. The only semi-blind buy was La Femme; I’ve tried it before and liked it, and I wanted to get something by Prada in Milan, so when I found that at a 50% discount …

Do you have any perfume purchases planned? Any plans for the holiday weekend, if you’re celebrating it?

14 thoughts on “Perfume Chat Room, May 27

  1. What a great trip, several holidays – or as you call them, vacations, in one. Plus perfume shopping in little shops, ideal. I remember being in Miami on this weekend 12 years ago, we left on the Friday or Saturday to go down the Keys, and we were all glad to be getting out of town. The drive down Ocean Drive was really something else, traffic at snails’ space, the top down and me in the passenger seat gawping. A very happy memory. No holidays planned for us yet this year, it’s wait and see, we are busy at a house project so timing is everything. Though I really feel the need to get away, even for a week. It has been a hectic year so far. Enjoy your long weekend, are your family around?

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    • I understand about house projects taking priority! Two of my three children are going out of town with friends (they’re all in their 20s), and one is in town but in her own place. So we’ll see who’s around on Monday to come have a cookout if they want! I think my husband and I will go out to dinner tonight or tomorrow, just to be festive. I also have a few flower-based liqueurs that I want to experiment with to make cocktails — rose, violet, and elderflower. Any ideas?


  2. Excellent trip! I’m envious of your new perfume haul. It’s many years since I travelled with luggage in the hold. Hand luggage rules do prevent fragrance shopping. The UK custom limits make me grumpy too.
    I’m currently saving for Papillon’s Hera after falling hard for her golden glow that seems to shimmer just above the skin!

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    • I did check one bag, but I was able to fit all but the Prada into my “liquids” carry-on bag. I’ve changed almost all my travel makeup etc. to non-liquids for that very reason! Also, I bought smaller sizes, 30 and 50 ml, and took them out of their boxes.


  3. BTW, looking at those photos of the fabulous TWA Hotel brings to mind a question: What fragrances would you wear in this venue? I’m thinking a fragrance from one of the designers who created flight attendant uniforms during the 1960s: Pierre Cardin, Marc Bohan for Dior, Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Balenciaga, Balmain …


  4. Your purchases sound amazing, as does your trip. Love the photos of the TWA Hotel. I would expect to see Twiggy walking in, dressed head to toe in Courreges! Such a chic and lovely venue. i hope you have a relaxing weekend. My son and his family went to his wife’s cousin’s wedding in Atlanta. It was the usual 3 day Hindu wedding, very beautiful, and everyone had fun dressing up for the event. My daughter-in-law had matching outfits in lilac and purple made for the whole family. The babies were so cute! Apparently, they didn’t scream during the events or anything, but they didn’t sleep well either. I’m not sure my son or my DIL got much sleep at all.

    We wished my son a happy birthday today and I’m leaving him alone for the rest of the weekend as I’m sure he will be sleeping every chance he gets! I’m cooking and listening to classical music, and looking at my pool which is sickly green and unswimmable. Arrgghh! We added a bunch of alkali and hope that works.

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    • The wedding sounds fabulous! I hope your son and DIL get plenty of sleep now. It’s hard for babies to sleep well when not at home. And yes, Twiggy in Courreges would fit right in with the TWA Hotel. I’m doing a lot of garden tidying and general house tidying. As usual, the garden got out of control while I was away. Good luck with your pool!


      • It’s looking much better today! With the filtration and sunlight I’m hoping it will be swimmable tomorrow. I could go in now, but heavy chlorine would make me itch terribly, I know, and I don’t need that.

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  5. While enjoying the last day of my mini-trip, I’m a little envious of your travels: who would have thought that I would miss trips to Europe (hate jet lag)!
    I keep buying discovery sets, but I might go for a travel spray or two from a couple of brands I’ve recently tested.

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