What Went Well

  1. My son made the basketball team at his school! Because he practiced a lot before tryouts and had three great days when he scored himself and had several good assists to his teammates.
  2. I ventured into the specialty perfume areas of Saks and Neiman Marcus, which was really fun (although I don’t see myself paying their prices any time soon); and the sales associates were very nice, sharing their thoughts and some samples. Because I am educating myself about fragrance, a pursuit I took up when I was unable to garden this summer and am enjoying very much.
  3. I got great tickets to take my daughters to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Company this winter — wonderful seats at the lowest price! Because I planned ahead better than usual.

I feel blessed that our family can do these things. Yes, we have worked very hard our whole lives to make that possible, but we are also fortunate to have had health, brains and solid childhoods. What went well for you this week?

Photo: Andrea Mohin, for The New York Times

5 thoughts on “What Went Well

  1. Did you discover any new perfumes to love??

    Personally, I love speaking with sales assistants. In London we have the Salon de Parfums on the top floor of Harrods. A lot of people find it really intimidating going there, but I really love it. The sales assistants are so engaging and love talking about scent. Plus, it’s also quite chill there. Finding a quiet spot in London came sometimes be super challenging. Let alone one that smells so marvelous.

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    • I tried Guerlain’s Muguet on my skin at their suggestion/invitation. It was amazing! But the $590 price tag is silly, even with the gorgeous bottle. They should sell it for less in a normal bottle. Some of the others I also sniffed and liked: Bond No. 9 High Line, which was great; Creed Iris Tuberose — really lovely on skin, just not my thing; Creed’s Fleurissimo; Fleur de Cristal by Lalique; and Tom Ford’s White Suede and Fleur de Portofino. I also sniffed all three of the Bond No. 9 Dubai Collection: Ruby, Indigo and Emerald: liked Indigo and Ruby, in that order; didn’t much like Emerald but it was okay. I’ll have to try the salon at Harrods; I get to London sometimes. Usually I find Harrods overwhelming but I LOVE Liberty.


      • Harrods (and Selfridges) can do the same to me as well. I just go straight to the sixth floor. The Salon can be a bit difficult to find, but any of the SA’s can direct you to it. It sounds like you are doing quite a bit of sniffing! Are you familiar with the web site Surrender to Chance?? You can order samples from them of just about anything rather inexpensively.

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  2. Yes, Olfactif seems like a great one too. One thing I always look for when I become interested in a brand is if they offer samples to purchase. I think with all of the brands out there now, it’s really important to give yourself a day or two with a new scent before you can decide if you want to commit to a full bottle. I also really love smaller bottles, especially 10ml, which are great to pop into my handbag if I want to top up throughout the day. However, that being said, I generally won’t buy a perfume if it doesn’t last throughout a whole day out and about. I’m fussy 😛

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