Crystallised primroses

I think trying this will make me very happy …

Twins in Two Cities

These pretty and natural decorations are perfect for decorating cakes and desserts. We use them a lot at Easter as that’s when the flowers are in season. The technique may look daunting but its not too complicated. It is best to prepare these at least a day before you need to use them as the drying process can take a while!


  • 12 edible flowers (freshly picked)
  • 1 egg white
  • 4 tablespoons white caster (superfine) sugar


  • a shallow cardboard box or tray
  • baking or greaseproof paper
  • 2 elastic bands
  • small paint brush
  • teaspoon

The flowers are best when they are just picked so do the preparation steps (1-4) before picking the flowers.

Step 1: Prepare a shallow box or tray by covering it with baking parchment or greaseproof paper. Secure it in place with two elastic bands.

Step 2: Cut twelve holes spaced about 3cm apart (or as large…

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