What Went Well: Advent Edition

My “three blessings” this week all relate to the Advent season.

  1. We had a real holiday dinner party with four other adults and it was a big success! It also motivated us to clean up the house, put up the tree and set out other Christmas decorations, so everything looked really nice and that is helping us feel the spirit of the season. Because we are so fortunate, and thankful for the gifts we have already received.
  2. Our son had a short solo in last week’s Lessons and Carols service at his school. He sang the first verse of “Away in a Manger” then the rest of the choir joined in — we were very proud, and the music was lovely. Because he works hard to meet the music director’s expectations, and we feel lucky that he has not one but two outstanding choral teachers, one at school and one at church.
  3. I found two potted Christmas roses to put on the dinner table, which made me very happy. Because I love hellebores and both my holiday tablecloth and my winter china have Christmas roses on them.

Happy Advent, Hanukkah and other holidays of the season!

Spode Christmas Rose


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