May Muguet Marathon: VCA’s Muguet Blanc

Some years ago, Van Cleef & Arpels, a French company best known for its high-luxe jewels, released a collection of six fragrances called the Collection Extraordinaire. One of them was the lovely Muguet Blanc. I believe it has been discontinued, sadly, because it is beautiful. The nose behind it is Antoine Maisondieu. The notes are lily of the valley, peony, neroli, green notes and white cedar. The reviews of it at its launch which I have read are fascinating: mostly positive, some absolute raves — like this by Patty at Perfume PosseNow Smell This had a mixed response, recognizing Muguet Blanc’s beauty and quality, finding it gorgeous but too clean. And yes, it is reminiscent of the cool diamonds and emeralds in the lovely pin shown above.


I love it. I agree with Patty that it wafts gently. Muguet Blanc smells like a true lily of the valley but it develops a creaminess to it, a soft warm undertone on the skin that is more like a pearl than a diamond. As it dries down, the cedar emerges and it works surprisingly well with muguet. This fragrance is not as green as many other muguets, and I do love very green scents, but here there are just enough green notes to keep me happy and keep the fragrance true to the lily of the valley.

The packaging for Muguet Blanc is also beautiful: very elegant and luxurious. The outer box is very simple and understated; the bottle within is nestled in faux white leather. The bottle itself is heavy and solid in the hand, with a metal charm dangling from its neck.

VCA Muguet Blanc

I would love to own one of the spectacular jeweled lilies of the valley pieces created by Van Cleef & Arpels but as that is unlikely, I am very happy to own one full bottle of Muguet Blanc. Now my problem is, when that one runs out — where will I get another?

VCA Muguet earrings


3 thoughts on “May Muguet Marathon: VCA’s Muguet Blanc

  1. Thanks, I’ll check it out! If you like fragrance, I post about it almost every week on Fragrance Friday. Right now I’m playing around with a month of (almost) daily posts about muguet and lily of the valley. I call it my May Muguet Marathon!


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