Scent Sample Sunday: Bergamot

It is still sunny and hot here, although we are now officially in the autumn season, so a good strong blast of citrus does not seem amiss. And oh, what a blast of citrus I get from Malin + Goetz’ Bergamot!  The top notes are all citruses except for a note of green pepper, which I don’t really smell, although I can sense it hovering around the edges. The citrus notes are: grapefruit, lime, mandarin orange and, of course, bergamot. The latter is by far the strongest opening note. I love it. I am a frequent drinker of Earl Grey tea, famously flavored with bergamot, and this perfume reminds me of it without smelling at all like tea.

Fragrantica lists the heart notes as: spicy mint, lily of the valley, ginger, cardamom and black pepper. I do pick up on the spicy mint and maybe some of the ginger. Not really smelling LOTV, cardamom or black pepper, probably because the bergamot is still going strong. Although cedar is listed as a base notes, I smell hints of it from the very start. Base notes also include amber, woody notes, and musk. The drydown is very pleasant and not too musky. I like wood notes, so I enjoy the longevity of the cedar note throughout.

This is a very refreshing fragrance and is truly unisex; I could absolutely see men using it as an aftershave, but it is not so “masculine” that it wouldn’t suit a woman.

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11 thoughts on “Scent Sample Sunday: Bergamot

  1. This sounds very interesting and one I might like…I am a big fan of the Atelier cologne line. Have you tried any others from M & G? There was a fig one that intrigued me and also another with rum….haven’t gotten around to sampling any yet but I will eventually!

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  2. That is odd…left a comment and then it disappeared?

    anyway, this sounds like one I might like as I do enjoy a good citrus…there is a fig fragrance as well as a rum fragrance that M & G make which intrigue me…have you tried any others from this line?

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  3. More than once I saw people using somebody’s images and not attributing then to the owner, but it’s probably the first time I see the attribution without an image 😉

    Perfume sounds pleasant, I’ll look at the line if I come across them. And I want to second chocolatemarzipan’s recommendation for Atelier Cologne. If you have Sephora around, you can start there. But if not, Atelier’s own sampling program is good. You can get all of their 31 perfumes (in dab vials) with beautiful postcards – for $35, including S&H, and then you’ll get a $35 discount code for buying one of the perfumes (though, I’m not 100% sure if there’s a minimum purchase, from which you can get that discount) – here. Or you can get individual samples ($3 per sample), and 6 samples ship free.

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  4. I really like bergamot as a note in perfumery. It’s funny, I was just thinking about the fact that I’ve only ever tasted bergamot in the form of Earl Grey tea. I take it that it’s not generally a fruit grown to be made into juice or consumed like oranges.

    I’ll have to try this one from Malin + Goetz if I come across it!


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