“This Is Your Brain On Vetiver”

The “Perfumed Plume” awards finalists for excellence in fragrance journalism have been announced, and one of them is this article, which I did not read when it was first published in the December 2017 issue of Elle magazine, but read last week when I was on vacation!  I love the title: This Is Your Brain On Vetiver. Much of the article is devoted to explaining the synesthesia that many perfume creators apparently experience. Fascinating!

If you’d like to know more about recent research into scent/color synesthesia, here is an excellent article.

Featured image from https://reliawire.com


3 thoughts on ““This Is Your Brain On Vetiver”

  1. on the subject of vetiver, not usually my favorite note but I recently was given a bottle of Jo Malone Vetyvr and I love it…it’s got spices and tarragon in it but wears soft and diffuse (less bracing than traditional vetiver fragrances)….also, am loving Mojave Ghost which smells to me like there is a bit of vetiver in there….but I could be wrong!

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