Fragrance Friday: What to Wear to a Wedding?

Tomorrow, we are going to a wedding in the Lowcountry of South Carolina! This is one of my favorite places on earth. It has a unique, fascinating landscape and a rich, tragic history back to the earliest days of European settlement of North America and before. The local people have marvelous folk traditions and folklore, such as the Gullah culture along the coast and among the islands. The food is some of the best you will ever taste in the United States, whether traditional or more modern, with its emphasis on seafood straight from the water and farm-to-table delights.

The wedding will be a formal, early evening affair followed by dinner. I’ll probably wear a long summer dress, in a shade of my favorite blue. The setting is an elegant resort, filled with ancient “live oaks” draped in Spanish moss, meandering creeks, migrating birds, semi-tropical vegetation. The bride is a daughter of two of our oldest friends and we love her dearly — I first held her in my arms when she was a day old. The weekend will include a traditional “Lowcountry Boil” party by the water and a Sunday brunch. Some rain is predicted (luckily, it is supposed to be overnight), possibly including thunderstorms; the Lowcountry has a humid, sub-tropical climate and it is affected by Atlantic hurricanes in the fall (Hurricane Dorian recently passed by this particular area, fortunately with minimal damage).

What fragrances do you suggest I wear? As you know if you read this blog occasionally, I like floral scents, green scents, some citruses. I definitely plan to take the bottle of custom fragrance I made for my husband on our trip to Nice, which I dubbed “Lowcountry Spring.” It is a nice unisex eau de parfum, and I’m curious to find out whether it does in fact evoke the real Lowcountry, as I was attempting. I think I’ll also take Un Jardin Apres la Mousson, lol!

Suggestions? Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: What to Wear to a Wedding?

  1. Have a fabulous time at the wedding OH! It sounds lovely and so very special. Congratulations to the bride and groom! Sadly I have no fragrance suggestions. You will smell beautiful in whatever you choose! My climate (Denver, CO, semi-arid) is nothing like where you will be. I haven’t lived in the south since the 1990’s (New Orleans and Dallas) and back then, I wore a few Guerlain’s and Chanels but knew nothing about coordinating perfume to climate/occasion. Let us know which perfume you chose for this special occasion and scent memory!

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    • So I ended up wearing my creation the day of the wedding, when we were lazing around by the pool, and Oil Fiction, by Juliette Has A Gun, to the wedding itself in the late afternoon. For the Friday night pre-wedding party outside by the river, I wore the custom insect repellent provided by the hotel, lol! It was actually quite nice, lots of eucalyptus and citronella.


  2. I hope you enjoyed the wedding and festivities! Your comment reminded me of when I still lived in Canada, and we had many mosquitos which required bug spray to be outdoors. I wore the Avon oil, at the time it was marketed as an effective insect repellant. I can’t remember the name or if it worked, but it smelled so good and much better than the chemical spray can “Off.”

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