Fragrance Friday: Eat More Flowers

Today is the last day of January, and I’ve been enjoying my January Joy Box from 4160 Tuesdays all month. Such a creative idea, to create a sort of post-Advent calendar of goodies to open in January, when the holidays are over. I’m taking my time to absorb each of the 10 numbered fragrances, and I’m not writing about them in order — just as the fancy strikes me!

One that I truly love is Eat More Flowers. In addition to the 9 ml spray that came in the January Joy Box, I actually have a full bottle, having ordered it when Sarah McCartney (the nose and owner of 4160 Tuesdays) offered it in the fall. It is a glorious floral, made at parfum strength — the vavavoom sister of Eat Flowers, which was launched in 2018. In addition to the notes of Eat Flowers (top notes: linden blossom, neroli, lemon flower; heart notes: rose, iris, tuberose, lily, geranium; base notes: musks, white woods, cabrueva), Sarah added rose and violet leaf absolutes, and orris butter. As she writes, “Wear it, and you’re walking barefoot, deep into the blossoming glades of a spring forest.”

Her inspiration for the original Eat Flowers was a poster from 1968, which hangs in her studio:

Poster titled Eat Flowers, from 1968.

“Eat Flowers”, 1968.

Sarah describes Eat Flowers as “a swirling floral aura of lightly blended petals, with cedarwoods, bergamot, linden blossom and a soft amber base.” Eat More Flowers amps up the floral notes — truly, “Flower Power.”

The orris and violet leaf notes are the strongest, to my nose, and they are gorgeous. The violet leaf absolute creates an aura of deep green around the royal purple robes of orris that surround the other flowers. A non-sugary sweetness gilds the composition, which I think comes from the linden blossom and its ability to evoke honey. And if you want to really “eat more flowers”? The young leaves and flower buds of violets are edible. In fact, you can include them in this recipe for perfumer Ezra Woods’ “fragrant flower salad”, pictured above and below.

Flower-based salad and recipe by perfumer Ezra Woods.

Ezra Woods’ fragrant flower salad; photo by Julia Stotz for The New York Times.

Eat More Flowers has good longevity, several hours even on my dry skin. I find it to be almost linear; it does change over time as it dries down, but not dramatically.  The orris and violet leaf carry straight through the composition once they emerge, which they do very quickly from the start. It’s also a perfectly acceptable scent for most settings, as it doesn’t overwhelm its surroundings. If you like flowers and floral scents, Eat More Flowers may be just the bouquet for you.

Featured image by Julia Stotz for The New York Times: A Perfumer’s Fragrant Flower Salad.

6 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Eat More Flowers

  1. I haven’t sampled Eat More Flowers yet; however, I am working on a big bag of 4160Tuesdays samples and am enjoying the adventurous and quirky names, and reading about the notes and inspirations. So far Eau My Soul is my favorite. Many don’t resonate with me, and they don’t last on long on my skin, but I’m enjoying the experimentation and hope to find another favorite.
    Your photo is pretty with the vegetables and edible flowers to make the salad recipe. I’ve never eaten edible flowers, but they really do look pretty in food preparation and presentation.

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    • I like many 4160 Tuesdays scents; I’ve also reviewed White Queen, Clouds Illusion, and Meet Me On The Corner. I’ve met Sarah at her studio; she and Nick are really nice. I love her collaborations and crowdfunded projects! Another of hers that really made me swoon was a special edition called An Excess Of Carelessness, inspired by The Great Gatsby. I’ll have to write a long, thoughtful piece about that, but it will take some time!


  2. I am sampling White Queen this morning and get a lot of patchouli. I enjoyed your reviews of Clouds Illusion and Meet Me On The Corner, I hope to sample those soon as well.
    Isn’t it fun when you get to meet a perfumer that you admire? I’ve met Dawn Spencer Hurwitz at her studio and participated in a sniffing education session with her. Her fragrances meant so much more to me after that. I’d love to meet Jeffrey Dame one day!

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  3. Probably it’s my being a floral perfume fan talking (or am I hungry?) but I really like the name of this perfume.

    On a separate note, I agree with you: it’s a great idea of the post-holidays treats. I’m glad you enjoyed this box.

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