May Melange Marathon: Modest Mimosa

See what I did there? I’m so pleased with myself for that headline. But in fact, my SOTD today is Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Modest Mimosa, from another sample kindly given to me. Aside from the marvelous alliteration, I like it a lot. It won’t be a top love for me because I’ve realized that mimosa isn’t one of my favorite notes; there are other blossoms I prefer, although I’ve enjoyed mimosa-based scents like Brocard’s Mechta. Jerome Epinette created Modest Mimosa in 2016. It has a fairly short list of notes: top: Neroli and Carrot; middle: Mimosa and Violet; base: Musk and Leather.

I smell the mimosa and violet right from the start, with some carrot, but very little neroli. The violet is quite powdery and very discernible, which is probably why some Fragrantica readers have said it reminds them of Apres L’Ondee. But mimosa is front and center, and it’s not modest at all. This isn’t an overpowering scent, not at all, but the mimosa announces herself at the very beginning and takes up residence at center stage.

To my nose, Modest Mimosa doesn’t evolve or change very much over time. Luckily, it smells very nice indeed. Powdery yellow floral describes it perfectly. Its list retail price is quite high, looking at LuckyScent’s website; I would not pay that much for it, but if you are a lover of mimosa and can find this at a better price, it might be just the ticket. Undina, at Undina’s Looking Glass, has several suggestions, in a number of posts about her search for the perfect mimosa.

Do you like mimosa fragrances? Or have you ever gone in search of a perfect floral note in a perfume?

Illustration for Brocard fragrance Mechta, from Gardens of Temptation
Brocard Mechta; image from

4 thoughts on “May Melange Marathon: Modest Mimosa

  1. I definitely enjoy Mimosa, and thought this one was nice but the price point definitely put me off! The only mimosa scent I own is Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom. (I REALLY love cardamom.)

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    • I love cardamom too, but haven’t found the fragrance using it that “speaks” to me. OTOH, I’ve only tried the JM once, quite some time ago, so I’ll have to venture out to a store and try it! I hear Sephoras are putting out testers again.


  2. Love your headline and review. I had a number of Vilhelm samples a while ago. I need to revisit them and see if I have this one. I do like Mimosa, but the only mimosa scent I own currently is Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom, which I like very much. I’m on a magnolia kick this month. I bought Bvlgari’s Splendida Magnolia and I’m loving it. It’s true to the magnolia blossom and Is quite sophisticated, in my opinion, a good date night fragrance for summer. I want to try Maison Lancome’s magnolia rosae next. Hopefully Surrender to Chance has samples.

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  3. I’m not a big fan of mimosa. The floral notes I have explored the most are jasmine, gardenia and orange flower. Plus iris, but I understand it is only the root (orris butter) we smell in perfume. I also love tuberose. Several of these are flowers I have never actually smelled in the wild or as fresh cut flowers, so I don’t necessarily look for perfumes with photorealistic representation of the flowers.

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