Scented Advent, December 20

The scent Advent sent me today is Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra, part of its light, refreshing Aqua Allegoria line. It’s very pretty! I really like its citrusy opening, where the other citruses crowd out the yuzu enough that I can tolerate it (for some odd reason, I don’t react well to yuzu notes in fragrance). The lemon and grapefruit top notes dominate, to my nose, and the bergamot is there to lend some greenness but it doesn’t make this smell like Earl Grey tea. I love Earl Grey tea, but the bergamot here is much more subdued.

The tea accord here is a green tea, so that’s another departure from the classic Earl Grey. Teazzurra was launched in 2015, created by Thierry Wasser. Listed notes are: Lemon, Bergamot, Yuzu and Grapefruit (top); Green Tea, Chamomile and Jasmine (middle); Calone, Vanilla and Musk (base). Right from the start, I smell the green tea and chamomile together with the citrus notes; the opening is fresh and piquant, as if it intends to gently wake up one’s nose with a bright ray of sunlight.

Bottle of Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra eau de toilette
Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra; image from brand.

As it develops, it reminds me of Gucci’s Mémoire d’une Odeur, another fragrance that centers on a chamomile accord. Mémoire d’une Odeur is more herbal and woody, more unisex, and it doesn’t have those bright, sunny citrus top notes which make Teazzurra so summery. I really experience this as a scent I’d like to wear in summertime, preferably wearing some kind of floaty white linen on a lovely terrace, set in a garden that I don’t manage. Specifically, in the South of France.

This fragrance evokes for me one of our last pre-pandemic trips abroad, to Nice. It just feels as if it would go perfectly with the Promenade des Anglais and the Belle Epoque architecture along the water. As it develops further, I do pick up a hint of fresh green jasmine, but it’s very light and does not overwhelm the green tea and chamomile. In fact, it’s more like jasmine tea than jasmine flowers, soft and refreshing. The Calone adds a watery facet to Teazzurra, appropriate for a spa town, and in fact this scent also evokes a very upscale, peaceful spa. Whatever musk accord is in the base, it is very clean, white, and soft; there is nothing animalic here at all.

I’m really enjoying Teazzurra; I remember being curious about it when it launched, mostly because of its lovely packaging and its pale blue color. It is truly more of a summer fragrance to my nose, though; so I’ll look forward to trying it again when our weather is hot and humid. Do you have any favorites in the Aqua Allegoria line?

11 thoughts on “Scented Advent, December 20

  1. I just picked up AA Ginger Piccante which is fun. My other is Rosa Pop which was a Marshalls find. Missed the blog a couple of days, my phone is no longer downloading email (for my non-Google accounts), the email notifications are my reminder to read!. My advent calendar produced a mini of L’Heure Bleue today.

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  2. I really wanted to enjoy Teazzura, I’ve been searching for “my” tea for a decade. I’m still searching.
    What I have found is that calone is my kryptonite. I can sense a single molecule at several miles, or at least that’s what it feels like! Sadly, therefore, Teazzura wasn’t for me.
    Many AAs have made me very happy however. My favourite is Lys Soleia which I find is wearable all year round. It is a real shapeshifter with changes in the weather though. In warm weather it’s all ylangy banana, in autumn & spring the peppery lily come to the fore. In winter cold the amber comes to the party. Of course it’s discontinued.
    The other AA that is ever present is the daddy of them all Pamplelune. Sour, sulphurous & so refreshing but a warm weather only scent

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      • Thank you asking. The Bvlgaris have all disappeared in moments other than the black tea one. That was only meh 🤷‍♀️ for me. LAP Tea for Two smelt of ancient teapot with a tannic stain inside like the one my Nannan had. I do like & own LAP The Pour une Ete but it’s a citrus rather than tea centric. I find TPuE & OJ Tiare almost identical & have done a side by side.
        I have & enjoy EA Green teas but again they are citruses or light florals not tea
        I’m now considering exploring some of the Russian perfumers stocked by Bloom who have tea based scents but fear they’ll be of the stewed samovar black tea vibe.
        Any and all

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  3. I love the Guerlain AA’s. My favorite is Pomelo and I agree with MMKinPA that Rosa Pop is a good one. I need to try the Ginger Piccante. Today I’m wearing Christian Provenzano’s Fleur de Asie, a pretty fruity floral with some spicy elements from pepper and marigold with a sandalwood and mossy base. Seems like everyone is using marigold/tagetes in perfumes this year.

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