What Went Well, 2022 Edition

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Undina over at Undina’s Looking Glass has reminded me, with her Saturday Question, that I haven’t yet posted here about “What Went Well” in 2022.

  1. Two of our three young adult children solidified and continued romantic relationships that started in the fall of 2021 and make them very happy. Whatever happens, they’ve had a lovely year, and I love that.
  2. The third young adult child was able to move into her own small apartment, after a happy year of sharing a house with friends, and the apartment is much closer to our home, which makes us very happy. She and her sister (who also lives nearby) still have their own keys to our house and come and go quite often.
  3. I had a long overdue leave from my job this fall and was able to travel to see family, especially the two trips to New Hampshire in 2022 to see my FIL, one of which included all three kids, who hadn’t seen him since 2020.
  4. My leave this fall has shown me that yes, I’m ready to retire, which I will do later this year after the spring semester.
  5. My dear husband and I also began a more structured routine for better fitness and strength, and we’re enjoying it!
  6. Three of us had COVID right around Thanksgiving, but we all recovered quickly and well — and we were all able to quarantine together here in our house.

My list reminds me, again, that what really makes my life go well is when I achieve a balance of happy, healthy family; happy, healthy marriage; maintaining healthy boundaries between my life and my job; and taking better care of myself and my physical health. In many ways, 2022 was a difficult year for me, at least the first three quarters, due to workplace politics and shifts. The leave I took in the fall was long overdue, after two years of doing a LOT of extra COVID-related work for my university employer starting in March 2020, on top of my regular duties which did not lessen. The return to being onsite full-time, with all students onsite, for the 21-22 academic year, was very challenging for everyone, and many valued colleagues left in 2022, leaving jobs vacant with the same workload needing to get done by fewer people. The new boss I acquired, the third in three years (academia is notoriously poorly managed) proved to be much more difficult than I had expected, and mismanaged my staff while I was on leave, leading to more resignations.

But now that 2022 approaches its end, I have a plan in place to retire in 2023, ending my third career on a positive note for my students and colleagues. I’m looking forward to what comes next! Stay tuned for some new collaboration with Portia Turbo of Australian Perfume Junkies and A Bottled Rose, coming soon to a blog near you!

Happy New Year, everyone, and let’s hope that 2023 brings more peace, health, hope, and wellbeing to as many people as possible. Thank you for joining me and other readers here; I love the online perfume community that has been so welcoming and positive! If you drop in periodically but haven’t commented, I encourage you to do that if you wish — the more, the merrier!

Hands holding numerals for New Year 2023.
2023; image from the UK Daily News.

7 thoughts on “What Went Well, 2022 Edition

  1. Yay for retirement! I went almost 6 years ago from an NHS/academic research post & have NEVER missed it for a moment. I’m intrigued by the hints from Portia & now you. How exciting.
    I’m planning an open ended project of daily lucky dips from labelled samples & decants as a combination of your Advent calendar idea & Portia’s Thunk It project. I’ll pull a vial each day & try to thunk it during the day. I’ll be using my Fragrantica account to record my wears & notes if the urge takes me, Alityke for anyone interested

    A happy, healthy, peaceful & joyous 2023 to you, yours & your readers x

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  2. Okay, here’s the official word on our new collaboration! It’s actually TWO new collaborative projects. The first is called “Notes on Notes”; Portia and I agree monthly on a fragrance note we’d like to write about, and we’ll post our “notes” about it on the first Monday of each month, referring to a few specific fragrances. The second monthly project is called “Counterpoint”; we’ll agree on a fragrance, and “interview” ourselves about it, seeing where our experiences coincide and where they differ. My first “Notes on Notes” post will go up tomorrow (USA time). I hope you’ll join the discussion!

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  3. Many good things have happened this year. I was diagnosed with ADHD and now have helpful medication. I had brain scans since my husband thought my spaciness and forgetfulness was due to Alzheimers. Ha! Oh well, it was a good end result. My brain is very healthy, it turns out.
    My grandchildren are happy and healthy. my husband and I are both improving our health and we are enjoying getting out more. Thank you for your blog. It’s helped me stay sane these last 3 years!

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