What Went Well

What were my “three blessings” this week?

  1. My sisters and I teamed up to handle a caregiving crisis with our elderly mother, and all’s well that ends well; she is fine, and a reliable caregiver is back in place. Because we shared information and divided up tasks, and supported each other.
  2. My nice husband has finalized some lovely travel plans for the whole family. Because he loves us and shows that by the many things he does for us.
  3. I had lunch today with a really nice new colleague and that makes me optimistic about improvements to come in my workplace. Because it is better to work with happy, thoughtful people than their opposites.

What went well for you this week? Please share in the comments! Have a great week and weekend!

What Went Well: Happy New Year!

A lot of things can go well in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Top three:

  1. Christmas! Because.
  2. We had a wonderful family gathering with cousins. Because even in all of our busy lives, we try to maintain connection especially around the holidays.
  3. I have been able to work from home this week, and I cherish just being able to be in the house while the kids are around. Because I am lucky to have a job that offers some flexibility.

I hope you all have had wonderful holidays, a merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a happy soon-to-be New Year!

What Went Well

During Advent, I remember many blessings, but since this is “What Went Well Wednesday” and my practice is to list three, I’ll stick with that!

  1. This one is huge: my daughter was accepted last night, early decision, by her first choice college! Because she has worked hard in school, stayed focused on her studies, and is all ’round terrific!
  2. My oldest comes home from college tonight and we can’t wait. Just because!
  3. The weather is so spring-like this week that the roses are still blooming and I even saw some confused forsythia starting to blossom. Because? I have no idea but I’m enjoying it.

Please share what went well for you in the comments; I am finding this to be a very helpful mindfulness practice.

What Went Well: Advent Edition

What Went Well: Advent Edition

My “three blessings” this week all relate to the Advent season.

  1. We had a real holiday dinner party with four other adults and it was a big success! It also motivated us to clean up the house, put up the tree and set out other Christmas decorations, so everything looked really nice and that is helping us feel the spirit of the season. Because we are so fortunate, and thankful for the gifts we have already received.
  2. Our son had a short solo in last week’s Lessons and Carols service at his school. He sang the first verse of “Away in a Manger” then the rest of the choir joined in — we were very proud, and the music was lovely. Because he works hard to meet the music director’s expectations, and we feel lucky that he has not one but two outstanding choral teachers, one at school and one at church.
  3. I found two potted Christmas roses to put on the dinner table, which made me very happy. Because I love hellebores and both my holiday tablecloth and my winter china have Christmas roses on them.

Happy Advent, Hanukkah and other holidays of the season!

Spode Christmas Rose


What Went Well

A banner week for What Went Well! I mean, it included Thanksgiving. Which is basically the whole point of What Went Well Wednesdays – to be mindful, and thankful, about the many blessings in one’s life. Even if we only describe “three blessings” per week. So here goes:

  1. My oldest came home from college for the long weekend and the whole house lit up with laughter, noise and happy bustle. Because she and her siblings are happy, cheerful young people who love each other and truly enjoy each other’s company.
  2. I did some serious gardening for the first time since breaking my arm this past summer! Because my arm is doing much, much better and I had groundcovers to get started between the flagstones of a new little patio. Not to mention daffodil bulbs, some of my favorite flowers. Now if I could only find some good lily of the valley pips …
  3. I got some Christmas shopping done early. Because my kids dragged me out on Black Friday but had enough mercy to avoid the mall and other horrors.
  4. And one extra, in honor of Thanksgiving: the turkey came out perfectly, and all the food tasted great. Because we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the abundance of the earth.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! What are your “three blessings” for the week?

What Went Well

I normally post this on Wednesdays but this week I’m posting on Thanksgiving, as I’m feeling particularly thankful for all that went well this week.

  1. I had a lovely though melancholy visit with my aging mother, who suffered a stroke almost two years ago and has steadily declined in health since then. But she still knows who I and my sisters are and we enjoyed our time together. Because at the end, love is what matters. Period.
  2. My oldest child came home from college and the whole house lit up with laughter and noise. Because she and her two younger siblings love each other very much, despite occasional squabbles, and they are very affectionate with each other and with us. Joy!
  3. I found the perfect groundcovers to plant among and around the newly installed flagstone patio in the back garden. Just because.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Thanks for reading!

What Went Well

What Went Well

Lots of wonderful things went well this week!

  1. I spent 24 hours with an old friend, who has moved to LA to make a new life after several major transitions, and we had a fantastic time, as if we haven’t been apart for several years. Because she lives in my heart, even though we don’t see each other often any more.
  2. I visited a fantastic new museum, thanks to my friend: The Broad, in downtown LA. It was an amazing experience and it has a wonderful collection of contemporary art. Because its founders, the Broads, are generous philanthropists who want to share their art collection and because my friend is an engaged participant in LA’s Arts District.
  3. We also visited a spot on my bucket list, The Scent Bar, a fragrance store that specializes in niche and independent perfumes, where the staff could not have been nicer or more helpful (I’ll write more about it on Fragrance Friday). Because my friend and I decided to be a little adventurous and do some exploring. So much fun!

What went well for you this week?

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What Went Well Wednesday

What Went Well Wednesday

What went well this week?

  1. We saw “Cinderella”, the Rodgers and Hammerstein version that made its debut on Broadway two years ago; it was originally written for television. Wow, it was incredible theater! Because so many gifted people worked really hard to create a magical evening for us all.
  2. We celebrated a daughter’s birthday, together as a family. Because we still enjoy each other’s company so much, and I love that even my oldest wants to come home from college for this kind of celebration.
  3. I actually took a day off work to try to beat a bad head cold. Because I am REALLY TRYING to take better care of myself and not let my workaholic tendencies get the better of me.

How has your week gone so far?

Photo: CinderellaOnBroadway.com

What Went Well

What Went Well

Every Wednesday (or thereabouts!), I post three things that went well in the preceding week. This is a mindfulness practice also known as “three blessings.” It helps focus one’s thoughts on the positive events in one’s life and the factors that have contributed to them. This week on “What Went Well Wednesday”:

  1. My husband and I took a day trip to a beautiful new botanical garden we hadn’t visited before, to see its thousands of Japanese maples; it was gorgeous and we had a great afternoon on our own. Because as much as we love our teenagers, we still enjoy being alone together and are best friends after 25 years of marriage.
  2. My daughter finished and submitted her Early Decision application to her top-choice college! Because she is a hardworking, gifted student making great choices for herself and her future.
  3. Halloween was very entertaining. Because although our children have mostly outgrown it, we still get visited by dozens of small trick-or-treaters in wonderful costumes, including some from outside our neighborhood whose parents bring them because our neighborhood is kid-friendly and safe. So cute!

That was my week, on top of the usual work/school/house routines! How was yours?

What Went Well

We had a great week!

  1. Our oldest daughter had a named role in a Pulitzer Prize-winning play; and the playwright came to watch the production! The author gave very generous comments to the student actors and stayed for Q&A afterward; it was great. Because our daughter is fortunate to have a terrific theater department at her college and she makes the most of those opportunities.
  2. Our other children sang beautifully in church this weekend, when the youth choir led the service. Because they have an amazing choir director who demands a lot of them but makes it fun; and because they and their friends rise to her expectations.
  3. I finalized arrangements to see one of my oldest friends when I am on the West Coast for work. Because I am trying to do better staying connected to people who have been important to me.

That’s it for this What Went Well Wednesday! Feel free to add your own positives in the comments.