Scent Sample Sunday: Nirvana Amethyst

Surprise! Today I thought I was going to write about Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue because I had worn it a bit this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I realized how much it reminds me of Stella McCartney’s I decided maybe I should review that next May, with other muguet scents. I moved on mentally to Commodity’s Orris, as I had worn that last Friday when another blog was encouraging its readers to wear scents that included vetiver, and Orris certainly does!

And then. I stopped into Sephora so I could spray Orris liberally from a tester, as my small sample was getting low. While browsing, I saw the two new Nirvana flankers, Nirvana Amethyst and Nirvana French Grey. I tried French Grey first, as its listed notes sounded more my style.  Very nice. Then I sprayed Amethyst on my wrist. Oh, my! I couldn’t stop sniffing it, in spite of the generous amount of Orris I had applied on my other side. So I decided to comment on Amethyst instead.

The listed notes, given in no particular order, are: tobacco, sweet honeysuckle, cedar and spices. The tobacco and honeysuckle appear right away, the honeysuckle sweetening the tobacco (which is already a gentle tobacco, not harsh at all but a little sharp and spicy). The spices are there underneath, and the cedar starts to reveal itself after the first 15-20 minutes or so. Although it isn’t listed as a note, I get a nice spicy vanilla as Amethyst dries down, which definitely gives it a slightly gourmand sensibility. It is lasting very well on my wrist, still going strong after two hours, though the tobacco and wood have faded somewhat, and mostly what I smell now is sweet honeysuckle and vanilla with woody undertones. No smokiness. It is really appealing! I think it would be great in autumn.

Amethyst charms from the start and continues to be charming throughout its progression. For the life of me, I don’t understand how they came up with this name, though; there is nothing remotely purple about this scent. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like it. Have you tried it yet? What did you think? How does it compare to the other Nirvana fragrances, or other woody vanillas you’ve tried?


8 thoughts on “Scent Sample Sunday: Nirvana Amethyst

  1. I have tried all of the Elizabeth & James fragrances. From what I remember White was a soft musk and Black was a musky sandalwood on my skin. Bourbon was super boozy and sweet and Rose was a rosy-oud concoction. I really liked French Grey (I am a lavender fiend) but Amethyst was my favorite of them all (pure sweet spices). The biggest shocker was that it lasted forever on my scent eating skin. I have a dabber sample (made it myself in Sephora when they told me they were out of empty sprayers) and swiped about 8-10 on the wrist. I expected it to fade within the hour but it pretty much lasted all day.

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    • I agree! I was indifferent to White and Black, liked Bourbon and Rose but didn’t love them. Amethyst was really nice, and lasted on my wrist up to 12 hours. I have a sample of French Grey; so far, I’ve only smelled it on a paper swatch in Sephora. Looking forward to trying it!

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  2. White and Black were OK but not interesting enough to test them on skin. I liked Bourbon but didn’t love it. Rose was beautiful on my (much) younger sister so I didn’t even attempt to test it on myself. Now I’m curious about these two: one because of your review and the other one because of the chocolatemarzipan’s comment: I love lavender. So thank you both for the heads-up 🙂

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  3. I mostly like florals and green fragrances, but I love Arquiste for J. Crew No. 57, and its younger sibling by the same perfumer, Jo Malone’s Whisky and Cedarwood, both of which have a woody, vanilla vibe. So it’s not completely out of character for me to have liked Nirvana Amethyst! I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on it.


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