Fragrance Friday: Hair Spray/Colette

I’ve now tried something that has tempted me for a while: fragrance for one’s hair, which seems to be a lasting trend. It makes sense, because many people think that fragrance lasts longer on hair than on skin, hair won’t react to allergens as skin might, and most of us are used to scented shampoos. Hair fragrance is a logical next step, and probably more effective than shampoo that gets rinsed out.

When I found two of Tocca’s hair mist fragrances on sale locally, and they happened to be two of their scents that I have previously liked, Liliana and Colette, I pounced. The first one I’ve used is Colette, and I’m happy to say that it is delightful! Fragrantica describes the EDP as “the natural scent of a woman”, a “warm, spicy and sweet” fragrance, with  notes of “bergamot, mandarin, lemon, juniper berry, pink peppercorn, jasmine, violet, cyclamen, incense, sandalwood, musk, amber, vanilla and cedar.” The hair fragrance seems to have the same notes, but it is based on a light, sheer oil instead of alcohol. I don’t detect any oiliness on my hair after I spray it on.

The hair mist definitely opens with a nice light burst of citrus notes, then it quickly moves into a more floral middle stage. None of the flower notes are strong or overpowering, including the jasmine. The vanilla note emerges soon after that, and remains as the base note most evident to my nose, while the other warm base notes gently support and enhance it. It’s a little powdery, and very pretty. It is a peaceful kind of fragrance; it would work well for a quiet afternoon reading at home, or a walk in the park with a friend, or a cuddle session with someone you like — romantic partner or child. I have worn it to bed a couple of times, and it is a soft, serene scent to waft one to sleep. The bottle is really pretty too, heavy with an ornate top. This design may have been discontinued, however; I saw smaller, simpler bottles on the Tocca website, in other scents.

If you like soft, feminine scents and want to try something in your hair, I can recommend this one. Have you tried any other hair fragrances, from Tocca or other brands? Has anyone tried the Chanel No. 5 hair mist?

Bottles of Tocca hair fragrances

Hair fragrances from Tocca; photo from Fragrantica.



7 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Hair Spray/Colette

  1. I also am intrigued by hair fragrance and think it’s a fabulous way to add scent. I’ve explored some and will look for Tocca. Chanel No 5 is wonderful; one of my favorite fragrances and I loved the hair mist. I also really love Aveda hair mists; I wear to bed as calming aromatherapy. My only complaint with the hair fragrances I have tried is that they don’t last very long. I appreciate other’s thoughts and suggestions for longer lasting hair fragrances.

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  2. I am wondering if these can be applied to the body as well as the hair? I have never used hair mists but years ago Pacifica used to advertise their solid perfumes as “hair tamers” for the frizzies….it did work and the fragrance did last as well.

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  3. While I like the idea of hair mists, and whenever I use perfumes not in office environment, I apply some to the back of my neck, under the hair, so it diffuses when I turn my head or shake my hair, but I don’t think I will ever go for such perfume while it is available in the regular form. Why? For the same reason I do not go for scented creams: I have so many perfumes that it would be impossible to have either hair mist or body lotion even in all my most favorite scents. I remember seeing FM’s PoaL hair mist and not even trying it: I still have half of the bottle of perfume that lasts on my hair for more than a day. But if some brand releases just hair mist with a nice scent, I might consider it.

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