Fragrance Friday: Hair Spray

Or rather, hair MIST. This is a relatively new discovery for me, as I wrote about here: Fragrance Friday: Hair Spray/Colette. I may have to explore this world further, based on a recent experience in airport security. Yes, that’s right — airport security. As my family and I were returning from Ireland a few weeks ago, we were going through security in the Dublin airport. As I am wont to do, I had spent some time browsing among fragrances in the duty-free shop, where I had come across Diptyque’s new hair mist. Having enjoyed the Colette hair mist, I decided to try it. And, if the truth be told, I had already sprayed other scents on both wrists and inner elbows. Hair was the only real estate left.

Reader, I sprayed it. And generously, too. Shortly after, I grabbed my bags and went through the security screening line. As I passed through the scanner for people, and my bags passed through the scanner for luggage, I didn’t give it a thought — I knew where my liquids were, I knew everything in my bag was allowed, I took off my metal bracelet and put it in my handbag, etc. Suddenly — “Ma’am! Ma’am!”. A youngish female airport employee was approaching me with an urgent tone in her voice. “Yes?”, I asked, inwardly sighing that I must have messed up something with my luggage (side note: I have done that and was once busted by an airport bag-sniffing dog who found an apple I had forgotten was in my backpack).

Dublin airport security screening line and trays

Dublin Airport security screening

“Do I need to open my bag?”, I asked.

“No, ma’am, I just need to know what scent you’re wearing. You smell wonderful!”

Now that’s a first. I have occasionally been stopped by strangers asking about my fragrance, which is always flattering when they ask nicely and not in a creepy way. But I’ve never been stopped by airport security over my own fragrance, as opposed to the scent of an illicit piece of fruit. (By the way, the dogs don’t sit quietly when they find the fruit. They bark. Loudly. And put their paws on your bag). I assume it was the hair mist that attracted her attention, because I sprayed on more of it than anything else, and it really does carry. And of course I told her what I thought it was and pointed back vaguely toward the Diptyque counter, because when airport security asks you a question, YOU ANSWER.

Airport beagle sniffer dog with fruit

Airport beagle finding illicit fruit in luggage

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that if you haven’t tried fragranced hair mist yet, you might want to! And you might want to start with Diptyque, which now has two: Eau Rose and Eau des SensGiven that fragrance often lasts longer and has more sillage when sprayed on hair, this seems like an affordable way to wear Diptyque, and I hope they offer more of their scents in this formulation. Here’s the challenge: I don’t remember which one I sprayed on, and Eau Rose appears to be sold out online at Diptyque’s website.

Not to be dissuaded from my quest, I plan to make a visit soon to one of my local department stores that carries Diptyque and see if I can try them both. If I figure out which one made the screener swoon, I’ll update this post!

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4 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Hair Spray

  1. I smiled at your airport screening story: very familiar situation but usually with the more expected ending of opening my bags, especially since I never spray perfumes before flying – either my own or those “unknown” from duty free – being afraid to be stuck with something I hate for the whole trip (and not to torture fellow-travelers who have no escape on a plane).
    I didn’t know they used dogs for fruit finding! I thought those were drugs dogs 🙂

    I’ve seen hair mists before (I think, Carnal Flower comes in this form), but I can’t figure out how it is supposed to be used – in addition to the main perfume? Or instead of it? But both approaches bother me: usually when I like perfume enough to buy, I get a bottle of “real” perfume and rarely go for the coordinating products (gels, creams, etc.). And I often use that perfume in my hair (1 spritz won’t harm it too badly). But if I am not interested in the scent, I won’t like it in this form as well. So unless someone makes the uniquely scented hair mists, I do not see myself buying them. But I’ll check them out the next time I’m at Diptyque counter.

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    • I think the dogs sniff for drugs too, and any contraband, which includes possible agricultural contaminants (like my apple!). Yes, I try to be selective if I sample perfumes before flying (and I only do that if I know I’m in a row only with my husband or child). I’ll test on a strip first to see if it seems too strong for close quarters or if I will dislike it. I hope I’m not scent-bombing anyone!

      I’m not sure how the hair mists are meant to be used; using them in addition to the same perfume, at the same time, seems like overkill. As you note, one can just spritz a bit of the perfume on one’s hair if the combination is wanted. I know they are formulated without alcohol so are supposed to be less drying to hair, but as you say, one spray won’t hurt your hair. I don’t usually buy all the coordinating products either. I could see the hair mists working if you know you like the scents but want a different experience — it seems as if they are lighter when used alone but may last longer, so maybe they’re better than perfume for office wear, or when one goes to bed?

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