Fragrance Friday: Perfumers Who Are Women

Happy International Women’s Day! In honor of the day, Fragrantica published a very nice article highlighting several celebrated perfumers who are women, and some of their creations: Perfumery: Women Creators. In the comments section, readers have started adding their own suggestions. In no particular order, suggested additions include:

Olivia Giacobetti, Liz Moores, Anne Flipo, Sidonie Lancesseur, Nathalie Feisthauer, Daphne Bugey, Vero Kern, Josephine Catapano, Shelley Waddington, Shyamala Maisondieu, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, Sonia Constant, Christine Nagel, Mathilde Laurent, Sarah McCartney, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Mandy Aftel, Ayala Moriel, Laurie Erickson, Charna Ethier, Diane St. Clair, Claire Baxter, Marie Salamagne, Lyn Harris, Nathalie Lorson.

Do you have any favorite perfumers who are women? Any favorites among their creations?

Here are some of mine:

Liz Moores: Dryad; Christine Nagel: Twilly; Mathilde Laurent: Cartier Carat; Sarah McCartney: White Queen; Diane St. Clair: Gardener’s Glove; Marie Salamagne: Alaia; Lyn Harris: Terre d’Iris; Nathalie Lorson: Shiseido Zen 2000; Jo Malone (the person): White Rose & Lemon Leaves; Marie-Helene Rogeon, Clair Matin.

Featured image: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, from



8 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Perfumers Who Are Women

  1. Laurie Erickson- most of her perfumes 😳, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Colorado, for the indies, Anne Flipo, Isabelle Doyen, Patricia de Nicolai…. I could go on and on! So many fabulous women!

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  2. Where do I start? Agreed, so many talented perfumers. I’ll mention Sophia Grojsman; so many classics: (YSL Paris, Yvresse, Lancome Tresor, Estee Lauder Beautiful, CK Eternity, Boucheron Jaipur). I have to mention the first woman American perfumer, Florence Gunnarson. Her fragrant bath oils are amazing. They are now available again for purchase (after many years I couldn’t find them). They were a favorite of the Gabor sister (Zsa Zsa and Eva), rumor had it they added the oils to their swimming pools!

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  3. my three favorite perfumers of all time are women…Diane St Clair (St Clair Scents), Jessica September Buchanan ( 1000 Flowers) and Laurie Erickson ( Sonoma Scent Studio). I tend to be quite loyal once I love a brand and the aesthetics of the brand….not intentional at all but it turns out that my three favorite brands are/were owned and run by women.

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    • oh and I forgot to mention my favorites! St Clair is Casablanca and First Cut (on my husband! this is the only fragrance he agrees to wear and he wears it for ME!) For 1000 Flowers, Reglisse Noire and now Ode for Him (which smells phenomenal on me, a woman) SSS, gosh, that’s hard, I love them all! I have full bottles of Winter Woods and Incense Pure but I really love Jour Ensoleille and Lieu de Reves (that was my first full bottle purchase many years ago).

      But I will also mention that I just bought from Sarah Horowitz Parfums a custom blend that she made for me in 1998 and I am really loving it again. It’s called Brigitte and it’s a creamy lilac with supporting notes of grapefruit, violet, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. So pretty and perfect for spring…and another female perfumer!

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