Scent Sample Sunday: Clinique Wrappings

Since we truly enter the holiday season this week, with Thanksgiving to be followed swiftly by Advent, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, today seems like as good a time as any to comment on Clinique’s Wrappings, which for many years was available only during the winter holidays at certain high-end stores. Nowadays you can buy it directly from the Clinique website (maybe they hide it after January?), although the copy describes it as “our once-a-year fragrance, here just for the holidays.” Regardless, Wrappings seems to have developed something of a cult status, although it is very reasonably priced, $47.00 for the gift set of a parfum spray and body lotion, and often marked down after Christmas (so don’t pay inflated prices on eBay).

Launched in 1990, Wrappings fits in well with a house whose most famous fragrance for many years was Aromatics Elixir. It is a gentler sibling, described on Fragrantica as a “floral aldehydic” fragrance. (I disagree with that characterization). Top notes are Green Notes, Aldehydes, Artemisia, Nutmeg Flower and Lavender; middle notes are Hyacinth, Orris Root, Cyclamen, Carnation, Rose and Jasmine; base notes are Oakmoss, Cedar, Sea Notes, Patchouli, Musk and Leather. Wrappings has a clean vibe to it that is well-suited to the decade of the 1990s, which embraced clean and aquatic fragrances. It is sold in parfum format, in a 25 ml bottle, often in a gift set with body lotion.

When I first spray it on my wrists, I smell a note that isn’t on the list above, something citrusy. It might be bergamot, because it isn’t sweet or fruity, and it blends in well with the green and herbal notes that also open this fragrance. I was relieved to read earlier reviews by Persolaise and MimiFrouFrou/The Scented Salamander, in which both commented on the citrusy note, confirming what my own nose was telling me! The reason I don’t agree with Fragrantica’s category is that when I read “floral aldehydic”, I think of scents like White Linen, or Chanel No. 22. And Wrappings is nothing like those. I can sense the aldehydes boosting the opening, giving it lift and sparkle, and a certain brisk chill, but they’re not as dominant as they are in, say, No. 22. The herbal notes are what linger throughout the opening stage, to my nose, especially the artemisia and lavender. Another commenter has called Wrappings a “feminine fougere”, and that sounds exactly right to me.

I barely smell any of the listed floral notes. If the flowers are there, they are not greenhouse-grown, luxuriously tended until they are gathered into bouquets for indoors. No, these are flowers of the Mediterranean growing wild in their natural habitats, wafting over grasses and herbs. And given how faint they are, and how well Wrappings suits late autumn, I would say that they are the last, brave blooms that show up sporadically throughout a sunny fall season, thriving in those cool nights and warm days until the first frost stops them in their tracks and sends them into dormancy.

Many commenters smell pine in Wrappings, but I don’t. I do smell a green woodiness in the middle stage; I don’t think it is the cedar, listed as a base note, it is probably the oakmoss, which continues through the drydown stage. There is an alluring mineral note in the drydown that I think comes from the “sea notes”. The musk that lingers longest at the end, with a hint of the oakmoss, is quite soft, and I don’t smell any patchouli or leather.

Wrappings lasts several hours on my skin, but it is quite faint after 7 hours or so. This seems to be a parfum concentration, per the label on the bottom of the bottle, so I don’t think it carries very far. The Scented Salamander’s review mentions that early advertising for Wrappings compared it to a chemise, slipped on over clean, bare skin, and I think that’s right. The current website says it “hugs skin in layers of warmth and brightness.”

Although I think “feminine fougere” is apt, this could certainly be worn by men. Have you tried Wrappings?

Easy spring outfit. Sarah Butler of @sarahchristine wearing Paige Sela Silk Slip Dress in Dream Blue in Seattle, Washington.

Featured images from SarahStylesSeattle.

9 thoughts on “Scent Sample Sunday: Clinique Wrappings

  1. I have Wrappings, and only wear it in cold weather season. I really like it and you’re right, it’s a bargain by today’s standards. I do get a “sense” of pine when I wear it. A holiday favorite.

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  3. I have vague memories of Wrappings, probably from my moms gift with purchase when I was a teenager. At the time I did not enjoy it, nor Aromatics Elixir. I can appreciate them both now but don’t own either.


    • Clinique gifts with purchase, I remember those, lol! I haven’t bought cosmetics or facial care products in a department store in years, but when I worked downtown in this city, there was a big Macy’s across the street, and my friends and I would rush over on our lunch hour when it was “Clinique Bonus Time.” Now it seems so quaint.


  4. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Wrappings, but I do recall all the special things Estee Lauder used to sell at Christmas, and may still do. I recall Aromatics Elixir and I’ve tried some of its flankers as well.

    Clinique was my first real skincare line. I started using it when I was 18 in college, then moved on to Estee Lauder and Lancome. Now that I’m ahem ‘mature’ I use all sorts of products, Caudalie, Yonka-Paris, Sisley-Paris, Glow Recipe, you name it, I’ll try it! I’ve had so many surgeries for cancer, broken bones, etc. that I will never have cosmetic surgery, but I’m not going to give up, either. :-)))

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  5. I’ve worn it for 30 years and now buy it in bulk when I can find it! Every single time without fail someone will comment on how lovely I smell.. no other perfume suits me like this so it’s always fantastic when I can find it for sale. I’m in UK and it’s often available at Christmas or more rarely these days at Duty Free in the airport. I’ve just bought 5 boxes! Have been known to buy as much stock as shop has!!

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    • Good for you! It really is a great fragrance. It sounds as if you are well-supplied, but for anyone reading this who now wants some, the gift sets are on sale at the Clinique website for $28, which is a very good buy.


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