COVID-19 and Smells

The New York Times has published an essay by a writer who lost her sense of smell after having COVID-19 last spring; she hasn’t yet recovered it, although many people do (including my daughter, who lost her senses of smell and taste for a few weeks after having the virus this fall but has luckily recovered). The essay is a powerful reminder of how much smells and fragrance affect us: Covid Stole My Sense of Smell. For most of us perfumistas, we take for granted our sense of smell, so that fragrance has become our hobby, but it’s actually a very important part of human perception. I hope the writer is able to regain her sense of smell via the “scent training” recommended by her doctor.

Update: I also just found this article on WebMD about retraining one’s sense of smell: Smell Training Might Speed the Sense’s Return After COVID.

Stay safe, everyone! We have vaccines, but we still need to take all precautions like wearing masks and washing hands, until they are fully distributed and administered.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Smells

  1. That would be so awful, to lose one’s olfactory sense. The only good thing is that nothing would taste good so I’d probably lose weight if that happened to me! I hope these folks get their sense of smell back. My family members who’ve had Covid 19 said they lost their sense of smell for about a month and then it came back just fine. I just could not imagine not being able to smell or taste for the rest of one’s life. It would not be as bad as losing hearing or sight, of course, but it would be a major blow to me.

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