Gifts of the Three Magi: Frankly Frankincense —

Each of the gifts of the three Magi carried a special symbolic meaning – gold representing kingship, myrrh foreshadowing the death of Jesus (myrrh being commonly used as an embalming and purifying ointment in the final sendoff of a soul), and finally, frankincense for divinity. 171 more words

Gifts of the Three Magi: Frankly Frankincense —

Reposting this from a blog I like very much: Take One Thing Off. So many incense-based fragrances! I’ve tried some but not all — which ones have you tried? Any favorites?

5 thoughts on “Gifts of the Three Magi: Frankly Frankincense —

  1. My favorites are Heeley Cardinal and CDG Avignon. Love both of them. Sonoma Scent Studio’s Incense fragrance is also very beautiful. I think some of the Unum scents also fit into this category and they are very nice as well, such as Unum 1144.

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    • I haven’t tried any of those, so I’ll have to seek them out! I was so happy when Sonoma Scent Studio re-opened with a new owner. Must remember to buy some Bee’s Bliss, which i missed when it first came out.


  2. I have Fille en Aiguilles, that I love and decants of Full Incense, Zagorsk, Reve d Ossian. I like mb03 a lot, a very Zen dry incense with a woody note and Heeley Eau Sacrée, a warmer church incense with a hint of cola.

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