Perfume Chat Room, April 15

Welcome to the weekly Perfume Chat Room, perfumistas! I envision this chat room as a weekly drop-in spot online, where readers may ask questions, suggest fragrances, tell others their SOTD, comment on new releases or old favorites, and respond to each other. The perennial theme is fragrance, but we can interpret that broadly. This is meant to be a kind space, so please try not to give or take offense, and let’s all agree to disagree when opinions differ. In fragrance as in life, your mileage may vary! YMMV.

Today is Friday, April 15, and it is Good Friday in my own faith tradition, as well as the start of Passover in Judaism. April 15 is also usually the deadline for filing tax returns, but because it falls right before Saturday this year, the deadline is extended to Monday, April 18. I’m such a procrastinator that there was one year (many years ago) when I actually had to go to the main Post Office in Manhattan, which stayed open until midnight, to mail my return and have it postmarked by April 15. To be honest, it was kind of a festive atmosphere, like a convention of procrastinators, complete with news crews filming and broadcasting our disgrace. My wonderful husband has handled our taxes since we got married, with help from an accountant, which makes sense since he has an MBA. My eyes glaze over when I have to look at too many numbers, lol!

I have so many fragrant flowers in bloom right now! Dwarf lilacs, lilies of the valley, and the first rose blossoms are filling the air with perfume, and I am eagerly waiting for my Easter lilies to bloom (I love Easter). I have a new David Austin English Rose called “Lady of the Lake”; it is just lovely. Pale pink with a yellow eye, and very fragrant (as all his roses are). It’s making me want to break out my rose fragrances, of which I have many, but it’s too soon for another “Roses de Mai Marathon.” What fragrances are calling your name these days?

Pink rose Lady of the Lake, a David Austin English Rose
Lady of the Lake rose by David Austin; image from

8 thoughts on “Perfume Chat Room, April 15

  1. Our daffodils have gone over now, but the muscari have carpeted the small bed at the foot of the clematis. Pretty but not overly fragrant. The herbs are thriving though. Peppermint, sage mint & chocolate mint smell wonderful when stroked, blue rosemary, trailing rosemary & thyme are all stirring too. The mints are kept under control in their own planter or they would overrun everything. Highly fragrant bullies really.

    On a scent note I found an unopened Ostara on eBay for a great price! It’s been posted today so I’m hoping it reaches me soon in one piece.

    Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend whatever the feast you are celebrating

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    • Yay for Ostara! That may be my Easter fragrance tomorrow. My own herb planter outside our kitchen door has been taken over by nesting house wrens, so I’ll have to plant elsewhere until any babies fly away.


  2. Those roses are SO stunning. I know your garden must smell amazing!!! I’m still really into my green tea fragrances now. Everything here just smells really ‘green.’ I just saw a couple of irises in neighbor’s yards so it will be iris fragrances next for me.
    Speaking of Roses, has anyone tried Regime des Fleurs Chloe Sevigny? I got a freebie sample of it from Ministry of Scent last week and I totally love it. So fresh and delightful, a bright rose, not a heavy rose.

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