Roses de Mai Marathon: Neon Rose

Neon Rose is one of the original fragrances released in 2017 by Floral Street, a relative newcomer to the scene. The fragrances were created by perfumer Jerome Epinette. Floral Street also sells home, bath, and body fragrances, all based on the same set of scents. I discovered Floral Street in 2018, on a visit to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where they had a pop-up store. 

Floral Street’s marketing is very clever, as befits a brand started by a former top executive in the beauty industry, Michelle Feeney. Its flagship store is in London’s Covent Garden, right around the corner from the actual Floral Street which inspired the brand’s name. The store, which I’ve also visited, is bright and airy, full of the cheerful colors that decorate all the packaging, staffed at the time by cheerful and pleasant young sales associates. Floral Street also promotes itself as “vegan and cruelty-free”, which seems redundant when one discusses modern fragrances based on synthetic molecules. I do appreciate the brand’s attempts at sustainability in its packaging, and its rejection of centering the brand and its products around overt sexuality, according to Ms. Feeney: “I’m also against the use of using sexuality to sell scents – it’s degrading and old fashioned- we want to change the conversation around that.”

So what does Neon Rose smell like? Here is the brand’s own description:

A super-clean, super floral perfume.  This is what a rose would smell like if it was neon.

This vegan perfume is for the fiery, quirky, striking and expressive.

You’ve never smelt flowers like these. Freshly-chopped jasmine and roses draped around your neck. And yet, no roses were harmed in the making of this showpiece – these buds were cooked up in our lab. Crisp, green angelica leaves bring a botanical dimension, while fresh bergamot floats overhead.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t smell any jasmine and very little rose. The notes listed on the website are: Pear, Galbanum, Bergamot, Cassis Kir, Apple Blossom, Sichuan Pepper, Cyclamen, Juniper Berry, Jasmine, Angelica, White Cedarwood, Peach Nectar, Crisp Amber. Of those, what I smell up top are pear, bergamot, cassis. So basically, my first impression is a synthetic, bright green pear with leaves. Notice that the website does not list “rose” among the notes, in spite of the name and the other copy. As the opening notes fade, I smell cedar with a bit of herbal green (angelica?) and a hint of peach. That’s it. That’s what I smell. And I don’t smell it for very long; maybe two hours.

I think the name is a misnomer; instead of Neon Rose, I might call it Fluorescent Pear. It’s okay, but for the price, you could get, for example, Gres’ Cabaret plus The Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose. If you want “rose”, those are better options.

2 thoughts on “Roses de Mai Marathon: Neon Rose

  1. I guess, in that case, if a rose were neon, it wouldn’t be a rose anymore!
    Have you smelled all the Floral Street perfumes? I sniffed them all in quick succession when I visited the Covent Garden store, and thought they had something in common that I couldn’t pinpoint—it was quite sharp. When I asked the sales associate whether they had a shared “signature,” she didn’t know of any.


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