Roses de Mai Marathon: Rosae

So this morning, I was digging through my samples of scents that are supposed to have a strong rose note, for today’s Roses de Mai Marathon, since I’m using this as an opportunity to work my way through samples, and I hit several in a row that just didn’t smell like roses to me! As in, not at all. Not a hint of rose. So while I reorganize my samples, I’m falling back for today’s post on one that I wrote in September, about Aquaflor’s Rosae, a truly rose-based, gorgeous scent I bought in Florence last summer. Click here: Rosae.

I know some of you have had similar experiences of expecting a particular note or accord in a fragrance and then not smelling it at all! Care to share? Comments are open!

If you ever get the chance to visit Florence, Aquaflor is a beautiful destination.

Courtyard leading to Aquaflor Firenze

Courtyard of Palazzo Antinori, Florence, home of Aquaflor.

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6 thoughts on “Roses de Mai Marathon: Rosae

  1. The pictures of the store look gorgeous, and I hope to get to visit someday, hopefully next year (!).
    I purposefully went to Aedes de Venustas last year to try nomenclature’s shi_sõ after I’d read about it, and was disappointed that I couldn’t smell any shiso, only light green mintiness. I bought a bottle of holy_wood instead, along the lines of a rose-patchouli.


  2. Sadly my visit to Florence in 94 did not involve perfume shopping. Pre internet I didn’t know a thing. Besides, my travel companion would not have allowed it.


    • I think I inadvertently got my husband used to this on our honeymoon in Provence. Naturally, we visited Grasse; and naturally, we visited Molinard’s factory and museum, and bought a small bottle of Molinard’s namesake fragrance as a souvenir. So he has been open to reasonable amounts of perfumery visiting since then on our travels. I know not to push my luck or his knees and feet, though!


  3. I haven’t been to Italy yet, and now even thinking about traveling is a moot point…

    With how my nose smells different notes, I’m usually more surprised when I am able to recognize a note (but at least I can be proud by the fact that I’m not influenced by a list of notes: I equally don’t recognize reported and “anonymous” notes 🙂 ).


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